Welcome to Denver’s first licensed social consumption club & coffee house. We aim to provide the community with a high-class establishment that offers them a safe & social environment to consume cannabis products & learn about cannabis education. Our main goal is to offer Cannabis Entertainment & Education to all who enter.

DISCLAIMER: We are currently offering complimentary coffee/tea until our espresso bar is fully operational.

Limited Time Offer: Free hot beverage.

What we Offer:

Papers- wraps, rolling papers, pre-rolled cones etc.
Pipes- Water pipes, Rigs, chillums, one-hitters etc.
Vaporizers- Kits, batteries, replacement globes etc.
-Nectar Collectors
CBD Products (Tinctures, Salves, Lotions, Edibles etc) All of our CBD products are Full Spectrum and Health Department Certified.
Snacks & Beverages: Juices, Sodas etc. Cookies, chips, gummies etc.

What can you do here?

VAPE- Flower, Wax, Oil. Bring your own pen or purchase at our store.

Dab- Bring your own rig or purchase at our store. No torches, we supply e-nails.

Edibles- Consume any form of THC edibles: coffee, candy, brownies, etc.

Consume your cannabis here legally! Denver Colorados 1st Licensed Cannabis Consumption Establishment.

Due to Colorados Clean Air Act, we do not allow open flame or smoking! No blunts, bowls, bongs etc. You can roll your product here but you cannot light it up.



Day of Receipt from-1136 Yuma Dispensary/ Cherry Peak Dispensary: Free Entrance

Bring your own product: 5$ entrance fee.

Event Space:

To request event space booking information send an email to us at thecoffeejointco@gmail.com


To check out upcoming events follow us on social media: Facebook or go to the events section of the website.


Come channel your inner creativity while medicating the mind, body & soul through cannabis.  Take advantage of our coloring, ping-pong, board games, foosball and much more! We are “well-behaved” dog-friendly & welcome you to sit back, dab & relax!