Welcome to Denver’s first licensed social consumption club & coffee house. We aim to provide the community with a high-class establishment that offers them a safe & social environment to consume cannabis products & learn about cannabis education. Our main goal is to offer Cannabis Entertainment & Education to all who enter.

DISCLAIMER: We are currently offering complimentary coffee/tea until our espresso bar is fully operational.

Limited Time Offer: Free hot beverage & cookie.

What we Offer:

Papers- wraps, rolling papers, pre-rolled cones etc.
Pipes- Water pipes, Rigs, chillums, one hitters etc.
Vaporizers- Kits, batteries, replacement globes etc.
-Nectar Collectors
CBD Products (Tinctures, Salves, Lotions, Edibles etc) All of our CBD products are Full Spectrum and Health Department Certified.
Snacks & Beverages: Juices, Sodas etc. Cookies, chips, gummies etc.

What can you do here?

VAPE- Flower, Wax, Oil. Bring your own pen or purchase at our store.

Dab- Bring your own rig or purchase at our store. No torches, we supply e-nails.

Edibles- Consume any form of THC edibles: coffee, candy, brownies,etc.


Reciept from 1136 Yuma Dispensary: Free Entrance

Bring your own product: 5$ entrance fee.

Event Space:

To request event space booking information send an email to us at thecoffeejointco@gmail.com


To check out upcoming events follow us on social media: instagram & facebook or go to the events section of the website.






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