Welcome to Denver’s 1st licensed social cannabis consumption establishment in the United States! We offer complimentary coffee and tea in a clean and spacious environment. You can also purchase our delicious Nespresso espresso!

You can vape, dab, and enjoy edibles here, we are after all conveniently located right next to a dispensary, 1136 Yuma. 

The Coffee Joint aims to provide Education & Entertainment to the community. We host a variety of events such as donation based yoga, meditation, dab pong, movie nights, tech events, stand up comedy, crafting events and more!  Other creative outlets to do while you’re here? Play ping pong, foosball, board games, coloring and more! To see more information scroll down to Events or click on the Events calendar.

Where to smoke weed in Denver? How to smoke weed in Denver? Two common questions asked by tourists. Although we cannot allow indoor smoking we allow a legal way to get high in Denver.

Cannabis Consumption- What can you do here?

    • Vape- Flower, Wax, Oil. Bring your own or purchase right next door at 1136 Yuma Cannabis Dispensary. We sell a variety of fancy & affordable ways to vape flower, wax, and oil. You can also bring your own vaporizer.
    • Dab- Bring your own rig or purchase at our store. No torches, we provide E-Nails for use! You can also purchase E-Nails at our location.
  • Edibles- Consume any form of THC edibles: coffee, candy, brownies, etc.

Consume your cannabis here legally! Located right next door to a Denver Cannabis Dispensary.

Due to the Colorados Clean Air Act, we do not allow open flame or smoking! No blunts, bowls, bongs etc. You can roll your product here but you cannot light it up.


Entry: Just want to check us out? No cost, come on in!

Consuming Cannabis: Vaping, Dabbing or Edibles.
Day of Receipt from-1136 Yuma Dispensary/ Cherry Peak Dispensary: Free Entrance
Bring your own product: 5$ entrance fee.


To check out upcoming events follow us on social media: Instagram & Facebook or go to the events section of the website.
To request event space booking information send an email to us at thecoffeejointco@gmail.com


Our Retail:

    • Smoking accessories: Dry Herb Vaporizers/ Wax & Oil Vaporizers, Great pricing on glass, accessories and rolling papers!
    • CBD: Vast Selection of Colorado CBD Products– All of our CBD products are Non-Psychoactive, Health Department Certified and Lab Result Verified!
    • Beverages & Snacks: Wide variety of munchies and drinks.
    • Free Coffee & Tea- Also available for purchase.

Come channel your inner creativity while medicating the mind, body & soul through cannabis.  

Want to learn more? The Coffee Joint Downloadable PDF