What are the best binge-worthy cannabis shows to watch high?

Personal preferences on shows we watch is subjective; like your favorite strain, everyone has different taste in things to watch. The following is a compilation of my favorite binge-worthy cannabis related shows. Roll up, pop an edible, gather some snacks, and get comfy to tune into these shows!

Grass is Greener

This documentary dives deep into the relationship and impact popular culture has had on cannabis in the United States. Experts in the cannabis and music industries recount their experiences. Experts like Snoop Dog, B-Real, Steven Hagar, and Damian Marley talk about their role in cannabis and how it has impacted their individual careers. As well as talk about how cannabis has been negatively stigmatized since the start of the ‘war on drugs’. Grass is Greener is an informative show to watch while you smoke or eat an edible. This show airs on Hulu.


Now, this is a series by Netflix, first I would like to disclose that Disjointed portrays some negative stereotypes of stoners and shows inaccuracies in what you are allowed and not allowed to do in a dispensary. So, if you watch this show, take it light-heartedly. For example, throughout the show you can see employees and customers smoking in the dispensary on the sales floor, that is not something you can do in Colorado dispensaries. “Commercials” appear on screen in between segments and are quite comical.  The show also touches on topics that I think need to be talked more about, like veterans using cannabis to help them manage their PTSD. As well as other taboo topics that I think are important to talk about. For example, one of the characters on the show dropped out of medical school and now works full time as a budtender and is afraid of what her traditional and conservative family will think and say when they find out. The show also talks about activism and social justice surrounding cannabis.

Cooked with Cannabis

Warning, watching this show might increase your munchies cravings! If you like watching cooking show competitions this is the show for you! These chefs not only compete to cook the best meal, but the best cannabis infused meal! This show airs on Netflix and is a good one reason to sit and get some inspiration for your next infused meal. Have you ever infused a meal? Take a picture next time, share it on your story, and tag us on Instagram @The_Coffee_Joint_ so we can repost!


Now, this is a documentary series by Viceland hosted by Krishna Andavolu where he explores cannabis legalization, science, culture and economics. He interviews people from various backgrounds and educates the viewer on the rich trajectory of cannabis de-stigmatization. It truly goes to show how cannabis brings people together all around the world! You can stream on Hulu or Youtube.

Bong Appetit

Lastly, in this Viceland series, host Abdullah Saeed and his team plan and throw extravagant cannabis dinner parties. In each episode the producers invite chefs to cook in their kitchen and infuse signature meals with a variety of cannabis products. This show has 3 whole seasons you can binge-watch and smoke to. Some of the special guests featured on the show are Cheech and Chong, Wiz Khalifa, D.R.A.M., Doug Benson, and more! By the end of this show you will be inspired to cook with cannabis in your own kitchen.

What are your favorite shows to watch while you consume, roll, smoke, or get high? Also if you have ever cooked with cannabis at home, leave us a picture below! 

Comment and share your favorites and recommendations! 

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