Diary of a Stoner: Free TV for Stoners

Viacom offers a free online TV cable service catered to all sorts of tastes and interests. And it’s seriously free!

Anyone who hangs out at the Coffee Joint and knows me will know I’m a massive Doctor Who fan. I own the entire series, all 851 episodes, on DVD/Blu-Ray. Even still, I subscribe to the digital streaming services Amazon and BritBox, which, together, has most of the entire 55+ years available for streaming. This way, I can enjoy the series anywhere, without having to lug my DVDs and Blu-Rays around.

Last year, the video game streaming site TWITCH broke precedence by streaming almost all of classic Doctor Who. This allowed viewers to comment in realtime by watching the episodes, thus propelling the line, “London, 1965” from Season 3’s The Chase, into modern popular culture.

Recently, several articles popped up in my news feed announcing that Viacom, in a deal with the BBC, had acquired 1000 episodes of BBC TV programs like Antiques Roadshow, Red Dwarf, and Doctor Who for their free online TV service, Pluto. This package included 200 episodes of classic Doctor Who which are being broadcast on their very own channel! Classic Doctor Who is the period of the series between 1963-1989, and, being the Doctor Who I watched as a kid, it’s my favorite.

The prospect of having what Doctor Who I’m watching chosen for me after many years of on-demand home entertainment, was intriguing, so I followed the link.

I’m now addicted to Pluto TV!

It’s like a free streaming cable service with a channel menu very much akin to Direct TV or any other cable service. There is no sign-up or logging-in to watch. It just starts when you click the link. Although, you can sign up for an optional free account, which allows you to customize favorite channel lists. You can also download Pluto TV as a free app to your smartphone, smart TV, or devices like a PS4 or Blu-Ray player.

Some channels are typical. Things like MTV, Comedy Central, and CNN. There are movie channels and music channels, while, others are catered to airing specific shows, like the Doctor Who Classic channel and the Dog the Bounty Hunter Channel.

Other channels are catered to interests and there is even a THC channel! Yes, Pluto TV has a dedicated pot channel! Channel 591 broadcasts programming like the Cheech and Chong films and footage from Chronic Con and other marijuana-related entertainment 24/7.


Really, with such a large variety of channels, I have no doubt there will be much to offer on Pluto TV for those of any interests. Really, the only downside is that it features commercials, but this is how it remains free. And the commercials are limited and not too obtrusive.

You can check out Pluto TV at https://pluto.tv/live-tv/complex-networks

The Doctor Who Channel is 370 and THC is 591.

You can also find the Pluto TV apps on both big-screen TVs at the Coffee Joint! Stop by, get high, and start watching today!

Kenneth Dinkins is a Social Consumption Specialist at the Coffee Joint and believes there is no point in being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes.

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