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Terpene of the Week

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Terpenes are the organic compounds that are responsible for creating the unique aroma of each individual cannabis plant. However, terpenes do more than just determine the scent finger print, they also provide many therapeutic benefits like their cannabinoid partners, THC and CBD.

Formed by the same shiny, resinous trichomes as cannabinoids, cannabis terpenes also bind to the same endocannabinoid receptors located throughout the brain and body.

Terpene of the Week: a-PINENE


Pinene– most common occurring terpene among all plants.

Pinene comes in two different varieties-Alpha and Beta.

Alpha-pinene secretes aromas of pine needles or rosemary.

Beta-pinene produces scents of hops, dill, parsley, or basil.

Pinene is found in turpentine, conifer trees, orange peels.

Pinene is known to have the following therapeutic qualities:



Topical Antiseptic

Promotes Alertness


Some common strains with a high Pinene profile include:

  • Jack Herer (an infamous sativa strain that offers a clear-headed, uplifting high)
  • Dutch Treat (a well-known hybrid strain that’s good for reducing stress and boosting moods)
  • Sour Amnesia (a potent sativa strain celebrated for its soaring, uplifting effects)
  • Blue Dream (a staple hybrid strain that gives the perfect relaxing cerebral buzz)
  • Strawberry Cough (a euphoric sativa that reduces anxiety and increases energy)
  • Train-wreck (a potent hybrid that helps with pain, headaches and post-traumatic stress syndrome)




Created By: Sahib Singh

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