Taking on HIV with Cannabis: Inflammation

Taking on HIV with Cannabis: Inflammation

Poz people have reached a place where, with medications, they can expect the same quality of life as everyone else.However HIV medications are not a cure all and the pills don’t reduce inflammation. Also, someone with HIV’s immune health isn’t as strong as others. So these problems and more have led many poz patients to take on HIV with cannabis to combat inflammation.

How Inflammation Affects us All

Inflammation is a big deal even in small doses. Long term chronic inflammation can result in fatigue and fevers. In some cases it can even lead to conditions like cancer or asthma. So it is in the best interests of a HIV+ patient to take steps outside their typical medication regimen to reduce inflammation throughout their body. [1] [2]

Other methods to reduce inflammation exist, including diet and exercise. New research lends to the idea that weed and hemp can be effective at helping poz people with significant decreases in inflammation. [3]

It’s not just the basic cannabinoids that have a hand in tackling inflammation either. 2018 studies showed that the terpenes that we have identified have a hand in the anti inflammatory traits of cannabis and hemp. Without the ‘entourage effect’ active for the user, they were less effective.

One major take away from modern studies on hemp and cannabis is that if you are seeking medicinal effects aim for high terpene content therefore live resins are a good starting point for high terpene content when seeking overall medical benefits they also frequently do come with fun psychoactive effects. [4]

Takeaways and looking towards the future

In conclusion cannabis carries powerful benefits to a consumer’s health. As with most things weed, it needs deeper research and investigation. Because of prohibition, valuable data with large sample sizes are difficult to do. Because of federal legalization in Canada however, promising research is starting to flood our northern neighbors. With better research, tackling HIV with cannabis to get a handle on inflammation becomes easier every day.

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