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Latest Scientific Studies on Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD Oil has been prominently covered in the media recently. Blogs, radio and social media flaunt this marijuana extract as a potential cure-all formula. The thing with science and medicine is that you only believe something when you see it documented in a study. This article unravels the recent scientific studies that have fueled the CBD oil popularity in the medical sphere.

First things first, CBD oil is a derivative of the marijuana plant. Whatever is right for CBD (Cannabidiol) which is the medicinal component of marijuana is also true for CBD oil. CBD Oil contains optimized concentrations of the Cannabidiol compound. In the process of making the oils, manufacturers extract the CBD compound from the marijuana plant and stem and then mix it with a carrier such as maize or coconut oil.

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Joints and Joints, can Cannabis really help?

The amount of strain and stress we put on our joints is astronomical. Think about it…how many times do you bend your fingers, or bend your knees to walk up the stairs, or turn your head…chew your food!? I could continue, but I’m pretty sure you get the idea, joints promote movement, and that movement does not come without a toll to the body and let’s face it the body is not quiet when this toll asks you to pay up…it hurts like the Mafia asking for their money. Something this author knows all to well, so much so I can tell you when the weather will change….three days in advance!

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Autoimmune, Inflammation, and Cannabis

Let’s talk about the Immune system, yes the thing that we blame if we get sick all the time, or if we have a weak stomach, or if we have a cold, or if we have a disease that we thought would never happen to us. Yes, the Immune system gets blamed for so many things, truth be told there are things we can do to help strengthen it…but let’s not get into that just yet. Let’s talk a little more about the immune system and what happens, and why we get so sick. 

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The Benefits Of CBD For Senior Citizens

More than Cannabinoids are found in Cannabis. It has, of late, emerged as a subject of extensive research thanks to its medical applications and uses. The compound is also non-psychoactive and is a safe and effective alternative for patients who are a bit extra-concerned about the mind-altering effects of other Cannabinoids such as THC.

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