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Diary of a Stoner: Famous Potheads From History


annabis has been around a long time. Since at least the beginning of written history, probably before. In fact, it was one of the very first plants to be cultivated by humans. And so, as one might expect, there is a long list of cannabis users throughout history, some that may come as a surprise.

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High End Highs

I say this all the time, but our battle for cannabis normalization didn’t just end when recreational systems were put into place. We’ve still got a long way to go to reduce the stigma around the plant, and today I’m presenting you with a doozy to destigmatize: paraphernalia. Not your uncles’ rasta colored bong, several companies are offering gorgeous and artful alternatives to the more stereotypical equipment. Even high end retailer, Barneys New York, has gotten in on it: Barneys Adds Bongs to Its Beverly Hills Store . In this blog, I’ve compiled 5 websites that hone in on a high end market, and are offering accessories that even your mother would look at and say, “ooh that’s pretty.”

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Diary of a Stoner: Free TV for Stoners

Viacom offers a free online TV cable service catered to all sorts of tastes and interests. And it’s seriously free!

Anyone who hangs out at the Coffee Joint and knows me will know I’m a massive Doctor Who fan. I own the entire series, all 851 episodes, on DVD/Blu-Ray. Even still, I subscribe to the digital streaming services Amazon and BritBox, which, together, has most of the entire 55+ years available for streaming. This way, I can enjoy the series anywhere, without having to lug my DVDs and Blu-Rays around.

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