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High End Highs

I say this all the time, but our battle for cannabis normalization didn’t just end when recreational systems were put into place. We’ve still got a long way to go to reduce the stigma around the plant, and today I’m presenting you with a doozy to destigmatize: paraphernalia. Not your uncles’ rasta colored bong, several companies are offering gorgeous and artful alternatives to the more stereotypical equipment. Even high end retailer, Barneys New York, has gotten in on it: Barneys Adds Bongs to Its Beverly Hills Store . In this blog, I’ve compiled 5 websites that hone in on a high end market, and are offering accessories that even your mother would look at and say, “ooh that’s pretty.”

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7 Ways Weed Can Help Athletes

The legalization of marijuana across the U.S. and other parts of the world has made it more accessible or even popular. Scientists have taken notice and are now engaged in extensive research in order to debunk some of the myths surrounding this drug. In many places, people are no longer considered anti-social just for possessing or using weed. As such, several fitness experts and athletes are proposing cannabis for its health and fitness benefits. We delve deeper into the subject ahead.

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Gifts for Your Stoner Sweetheart

So Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and you still don’t have a gift for your boo. We can help!! I’ve put together my favorite picks from our store that I think would make the best Valentine’s Day gifts, and she won’t even know it was last minute!

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Melinda’s Top 5 Netflix Movies to Get Baked To


Netflix and chill has a lot of different meanings to a ton of different people. For me, it’s getting cozy at home, grabbing the latest craft I’m working on, picking out a movie, and getting stupid baked. Since the New Year Netflix has streamed some of my favorite movies, so here’s a list – in no particular order – of what I’ve been toking to.

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Joints and Joints, can Cannabis really help?

The amount of strain and stress we put on our joints is astronomical. Think about it…how many times do you bend your fingers, or bend your knees to walk up the stairs, or turn your head…chew your food!? I could continue, but I’m pretty sure you get the idea, joints promote movement, and that movement does not come without a toll to the body and let’s face it the body is not quiet when this toll asks you to pay up…it hurts like the Mafia asking for their money. Something this author knows all to well, so much so I can tell you when the weather will change….three days in advance!

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