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Social Hosting in Denver

Exchanges over consumption lounges in Denver is a heated topic. Finding appropriate locations for the businesses appease some concerns while anyone wishing to utilize them is a bit underwhelmed by the experience. In short, Full-Service is inaccessible due to rules on consent, and a lack of sanitizing standards for a “clean rig”. Without establishing standard practices for this, licensed public consumption will be BYOBud.

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Plant-Based Decriminalization

There is a new day dawning for plant based medicines, friends. The conversation around cannabis and psychedelics has changed vastly in the last decade, and the elections of 2019 have proven it. On May 7th, 2019 the city of Denver voted to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, and on June 5th, 2019 the city of Oakland took it one step further, decriminalizing all plant-based entheogens. But what does that mean for these cities? And what now?

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Denver’s Social Consumption Conundrum

Recently Denver established Social Consumption regulations that have been in flux since the licenses had been created. Only two in town have made it to market so far and The Coffee Joint stands tall as the one-and-only legal, social, cannabis consumption location. The challenge for many entrepreneurs entering the market lie with investment and these regulations that determine location and operations.

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How to Help Legalize in Your Home State

With this year’s midterm elections behind us, it’s now time to wait until the measures we voted for become law. While Colorado voters pondered hemp legislation, other states had much bigger nugs to toke – Michigan, for example, joined us in legalization while North Dakota voted to stay away. If you’re not fortunate enough to live in one of 33 states that at least allow medical consumption, here’s the best way to get involved and change that.

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Legal Transpotation

With the legal and reliable supplies are regionally available, travelers make their way into Denver from across the globe to check out flourishing products, new research, and the dankest sap in town. The market is well-regulated and accountability is key on every end; safe, ethical products for responsible consumption.

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