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Women in Weed: Jane West

March 8th is international women’s day, and this month Kenneth takes a break from his normal Diary of a Stoner series to focus on celebrating Women in Weed.

February 28, 2014, was the day Amy Dannemiller lost her job as a corporate event planner when her bosses saw her vaping marijuana on a CNBC documentary about legalization in Colorado. Like some comic book superhero origin story, it could be said this was also the day Jane West, Dannemiller’s marijuana-related alter ego, was born. Even though she had served in her position for 8 years, she didn’t let her termination destroy her.

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Diary of a Stoner: Sour Amnesia Crumble Or “The Super Bowl is Not Part of a Bong”

I am not a sports fan. When they told me that there’d be a “Super Bowl” party at the Coffee Joint, the first legal establishment to allow public consumption of Cannabis, I naturally got the wrong idea. I imagined a giant glass pipe, its bowl taking up nearly half the room and packed to the brim with pounds of sweet-smelling bud. And there I would be, invited to take the biggest hit of my life out of this “Super Bowl”. What a party! But, sadly, I was disappointed…

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Diary of a Stoner: Tony Clifton Crumble

The naming strategies of some strains remain an enigma to me, while others make perfect sense. Yet, even still, some come to reveal themselves as they start to take effect.

I went to see Robert again at the 1136 Yuma dispensary. This is always a wise move. I like to call him Doctor Robert, both after the Beatles song (“Ring, my friend, I said you’d call Dr. Robert”) and because he’s the closest thing you’ll ever find to a ph.D in weed (his thesis was on concentrates, I understand).

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Diary of a Stoner: Blueberry Burst Wax/Shatter

I’m not the biggest fan of indicas. While I do enjoy their effects, I like to be an active pothead, and indica strains have a reputation for “couch lock”. You know the feeling, that full body buzzing sensation accompanied by extreme relaxation that usually leads to numerous, extended “weed naps”? Sativa, though a physically less attractive flower, is the cannabis species of choice for the “on-the-go” toker. This is me. I want that creative blossom, the distortion of time, and the euphoric mental relaxation without six 2-hour long naps a day.

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Diary of a Stoner : Winter Concentrate Reflections

I woke to the first faint light of wintery dawn as it bled dully through my bedroom curtains. Life hits hard and fast, so I reached for my North Shore Maui wax. I swear by the wake and bake. Nothing feels much better than being covered by the warm blanket of a morning high – the way it soothingly creeps over you.

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