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Diary of a Stoner: So, What’s With This Fandagled E-Dab Craze I Keep Hearing About?

There’s a lot of talk around town about dabbing electronically at the Coffee Joint; but, what exactly is e-dabbing? And is all this buzz just hype, or is e-dabbing the real deal?

The State of Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act (CRS 25-14-204) lays down restrictions for smoking in areas deemed “public”. Even though CRS 25-14-205 allows exemptions to cigar bars, and even tobacco shops, it ironically does not allow an exemption for Cannabis Consumption Lounges. But this how marijuana is often treated, which makes Charlie Brown wonder, “Why’s everybody always pickin on me?”

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Diary of a Stoner: Considering Pointless Statistics from Prohibitionists

Fear-mongering is a common technique employed by the very powerful as a method of obtaining or maintaining control. As those who once held the power during the drug war begin seeing it slip away, their propagandist strategies for spreading irrational fear in an effort for maintaining their draconian policies increases. In times like these, one must maintain a rational mind, while expecting large amounts of bullshit to come flowing one’s way.

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Diary of a Stoner: What is the Best Way to Get High?

Flower, edibles, concentrates? There are so many options for the modern marijuana coinsurer, that one might wonder – what is the best method for getting high? The truth of the matter is, it’s really down to personal preference and what you’re looking for from a marijuana high.

First, you need to determine why you’re getting high? Do you want to be creative? Do you want to listen to music/watch movies? Do you want to go adventuring? Do you want to veg out? Maybe you want to pass out and sleep for hours? This will be the determining factor in whether you want to consume Sativa or Indica. A Sativa will give you a more heady, focused, energetic high – whereas, an Indica will most often give you a drowsier, couch-locked, body high. While there are exceptions, this is a good general rule to go by when it comes to Sativa and Indica. Personally, I like to be an active pothead, and tend to favor the Sativa variety.

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Diary of a Stoner: The True Meaning of 420

Have you ever wondered where the 420 association with marijuana came from? I’ve heard theories ranging from: it’s the date marijuana was decriminalized in the Netherlands, to its Hitler’s birthday (because when you think pot, you think Nazis, right?). While neither of these are the true connection, the actual story is just as interesting and involves the Grateful Dead, believe it or not!

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Diary of a Stoner: Tastebudz

I love edibles. But I hate how you can’t really eat them constantly. Or maybe you can if you don’t gobble up so many at a time like I do. The first thing I did when I arrived in Denver back in 2015 was hit up a dispensary. I bought 200mg of edibles and toured the History Colorado Museum. My tolerance was very low moving out here and so it was one hell of a great experience and got me off on the right foot in Colorado.

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