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How To Prepare Your 420 Party

Alright kids, we’re a month out from our favorite holiday of the year! For many, it might be too early to start coordinating, but I absolutely love throwing an awesome holiday party for my friends, and right now is crucial prep time!  As we get closer I’ll share my playlist and movie queue with everyone, but for now, here’s my chronic – I mean, chronological – list on how to prepare yourself for the big day.

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Gifts for Your Stoner Sweetheart

So Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and you still don’t have a gift for your boo. We can help!! I’ve put together my favorite picks from our store that I think would make the best Valentine’s Day gifts, and she won’t even know it was last minute!

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6 Stoner Halloween Costumes You Haven’t Thought Of!

Here is a fun list of some silly costumes you can throw together to be not only festive but also a part of cannabis culture that day! Lets look ahead to the fun list!

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Denver’s Dank Halloweed Week

With so many new businesses and events developing from a booming population, there is always something new to explore and experience in Colorado. Colorado has added well over 10,000 residents in the last year, many of whom have brought fresh ideas, original events, brilliant services, and cutting-edge products. Here at the Coffee Joint, all ears are on the ground seeking out those pioneers for the best experience in Colorado!

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