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How To Prepare Your 420 Party

Alright kids, we’re a month out from our favorite holiday of the year! For many, it might be too early to start coordinating, but I absolutely love throwing an awesome holiday party for my friends, and right now is crucial prep time!  As we get closer I’ll share my playlist and movie queue with everyone, but for now, here’s my chronic – I mean, chronological – list on how to prepare yourself for the big day.

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Diary of a Stoner: Tastebudz

I love edibles. But I hate how you can’t really eat them constantly. Or maybe you can if you don’t gobble up so many at a time like I do. The first thing I did when I arrived in Denver back in 2015 was hit up a dispensary. I bought 200mg of edibles and toured the History Colorado Museum. My tolerance was very low moving out here and so it was one hell of a great experience and got me off on the right foot in Colorado.

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Denver’s Turn A New Leaf Program

For decades, the war on drugs has had a significant impact on our City, with a disproportionate impact on distinct communities within our City.  Even today, a low-level marijuana possession offense can negatively affect many areas of a person’s life, including employment and education opportunities, qualification for government benefits and programs, ability to travel, and immigration status proceedings.

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Denver’s Social Consumption Conundrum

Recently Denver established Social Consumption regulations that have been in flux since the licenses had been created. Only two in town have made it to market so far and The Coffee Joint stands tall as the one-and-only legal, social, cannabis consumption location. The challenge for many entrepreneurs entering the market lie with investment and these regulations that determine location and operations.

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Diary of a Stoner: Sour Amnesia Crumble Or “The Super Bowl is Not Part of a Bong”

I am not a sports fan. When they told me that there’d be a “Super Bowl” party at the Coffee Joint, the first legal establishment to allow public consumption of Cannabis, I naturally got the wrong idea. I imagined a giant glass pipe, its bowl taking up nearly half the room and packed to the brim with pounds of sweet-smelling bud. And there I would be, invited to take the biggest hit of my life out of this “Super Bowl”. What a party! But, sadly, I was disappointed…

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