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Diary of a Stoner: So, What’s With This Fandagled E-Dab Craze I Keep Hearing About?

There’s a lot of talk around town about dabbing electronically at the Coffee Joint; but, what exactly is e-dabbing? And is all this buzz just hype, or is e-dabbing the real deal?

The State of Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act (CRS 25-14-204) lays down restrictions for smoking in areas deemed “public”. Even though CRS 25-14-205 allows exemptions to cigar bars, and even tobacco shops, it ironically does not allow an exemption for Cannabis Consumption Lounges. But this how marijuana is often treated, which makes Charlie Brown wonder, “Why’s everybody always pickin on me?”

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Diary of a Stoner: Blueberry Burst Wax/Shatter

I’m not the biggest fan of indicas. While I do enjoy their effects, I like to be an active pothead, and indica strains have a reputation for “couch lock”. You know the feeling, that full body buzzing sensation accompanied by extreme relaxation that usually leads to numerous, extended “weed naps”? Sativa, though a physically less attractive flower, is the cannabis species of choice for the “on-the-go” toker. This is me. I want that creative blossom, the distortion of time, and the euphoric mental relaxation without six 2-hour long naps a day.

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Diary of a Stoner : Winter Concentrate Reflections

I woke to the first faint light of wintery dawn as it bled dully through my bedroom curtains. Life hits hard and fast, so I reached for my North Shore Maui wax. I swear by the wake and bake. Nothing feels much better than being covered by the warm blanket of a morning high – the way it soothingly creeps over you.

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A Heated Conflict

For many guests here at The Coffee Joint, accessibility is key. The challenge in providing a licensed consumption facility is combustion; due to the Indoor Clean Air Act, The Coffee Joint is required to keep open flames at bay with Electric Nails and handheld vaporization solutions. Aside from the health benefits, dodging the flame can be more efficient and there are many paths one can take.

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