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Guide to Decarboxylate Weed

Decarboxylation is a process that is synonymous with cannabis. It involves heating the cannabis to a high temperature of about (~250°F) for some time before it is used. Also, decarboxylation has to do with activating the cannabis in other to reach its potentials and be more medicinal. Also, when trying to make edibles from cannabis, decarboxylation is an important step.

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Melinda’s Healthier Munchies

Munchies are one of the greatest things about getting stoned. As someone who already really loves food, something that made food taste better was right up my alley. Flashback to me, freshman year of college, inhaling a whole box of both zebra cakes and Cheez-its in one night, and you get the picture. Now that I’ve been smoking for a few years now, however, I find that I can’t eat those kind of snacks the way I used to. Not only did they stop sounding good (looking at you, oatmeal cream pies) but the morning after would be some sort of hellish junk food hangover. I also felt like I was eating absurd amounts and getting no nutritional value. So, I absolutely had to change my munching. I made some simple swaps and genius creations. And not to say I don’t get down on the Hostess family of snacks still – everything in moderation. Overall though, I’ve been more conscience about what goes into my body, so here’s what I’ve been snacking on:

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What Will We Infuse Next?

As we make new discoveries in the wonderful world of weed, we learn a lot about how it bonds to other compounds, how those cause the psychoactive products to break down within our endocannabinoid system, and especially, how to work in tandem with a bud’s flavor profile to create powerful, savory, and sweet dishes alike. With everything we have learned about these processes, an infused treat, dish, or beverage is really only limited by your imagination.

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