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CBD And The Benefits For Cats

Research has come quite far in its investigation into the medicinal properties of CBD. From providing relief from pain to acting as a poignant stress buster, CBD has proven itself to be extremely beneficial. As a pet owner, you have probably come across articles and advertisements that push forth the idea of using CBD products for your pet cat. Your initial reaction may understandably range between surprise to pure disbelief but fear not! This article covers a wide range of benefits that CBD offers cats as well as dispels any fears you may be holding about the consequences of using these products.

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CBD Oil and Pets: The Science Behind It

New evidence is popping up everywhere about the benefits of giving your pet CBD products to treat a variety of conditions. Both studies done by experts and anecdotal evidence from other pet owners seem to suggest that these products really do work!

We know CBD oil can be effective, but many of us ask the questions: how and why? What makes CBD special? How does it affect the body? We will go over that and more to give you a new insight into how this mysterious chemical can make the lives of both humans and animals better!

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Fetch Tincture Review – Extract Labs

I’ve been hip to the CBD trend for about a year now, and have only learned more thanks to the Coffee Joint. I knew that it worked well for my body, but was excited to see how my pup would enjoy natural medicine. He’s an 8-month-old Australian Shepherd puppy, so I like to use it to treat his separation anxiety, as well as to help him calm down for the night. I’ve used another company’s tincture to treat him before, but I enjoy Extract Labs’ formula and was excited that they came out with a pet product of their own. Both their pet and human products can be found here at the Coffee Joint.

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