Awesome spot

5.0 rating
March 7, 2019

My boyfriend and I discovered this place while on a trip from Texas. Since we were from out of town we had been searching for a place we could hang out and smoke legally for a bit. This place was perfect. The dispensary next door has literally anything you could need. Infused coffee, infused creamer, infused sugar. Plus purchasing items at the dispensary gets you in to the coffee shop for free! Since we were from out of town we didn’t have our own rig, but I believe it was less than $15 to purchase one from them to use with their e-nails (which worked perfectly) Overall it was an awesome experience and easily one of the highlights of our trip. We already have plans to visit again on our next trip and we have recommended this place to all of our friends.


The Perfect Stop

5.0 rating
February 27, 2019

I’m a traveling artist, looking for a new place to call home and was in Denver, Colorado for a couple of days looking to get set up in the area and start something new. The first time I ever visited the location I came into The Coffee Joint to check it out. I visited with my dad and it was just the visit I needed. I feel bad, I can’t remember the sweet lady’s name, but she gave me AMAZING information on the area. I believe we stayed at The Coffee Joint for over an hour visiting and shopping. I got some great smoking accessories, super cute socks, and some delicious Colorado Hemp Honey for my morning tea. As I said, I was blessed with a lot of great information this day and I left motivated to make something happen.
The Coffee Joint offers many great people that are knowledgeable on many levels, a safe place to go and vape well traveling, and they have fun activities going on most nights. Even if there isn’t an event there is anyways cool people visiting. I like to think as an artist i found a place to call home. Meredith was sweet enough to meet with me and look at some of my work and helped me set up a beautiful display. I can not say enough “thank you’s” to The Coffee Joint for featuring Wake The Reflection with the Local Artists. It’s huge for a small town girl like myself. So THANK YOU everyone at 1136 Yuma and The Coffee Joint for the Information, support, and love. I truly am a person to go off energy and everyone here is completely amazing and fun. The Guys working over in Yuma are funny and even did a mini victory dance with me after my display was set up. haha. I can’t wait to visit soon! If you haven’t been you HAVE to check this spot out. Great deals and great people.
Thank you for everything
Lovey Peterson
Wake The Reflection Artist

Lovey Peterson

710fit/zumba class

5.0 rating
February 25, 2019

this was a great place to hold a class very friendly and helpful with both marketing and setup. Enjoy every time I come back the staff is awesome and the overall feeling is one that makes it hard to leave.

Nate Travis