The Creative Application (and Mis-application) of Drugs in Literature

December 13, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
The Coffee Joint
1136 yuma court
The Coffee Joint - Denver, CO
The Creative Application (and Mis-application) of Drugs in Literature @ The Coffee Joint

The Coffee Joint hosts a semi-psychedelic evening with Gregory Hill, author of the Strattford County Novels

Friday, December the 13th Gregory Hill, author of the award(s)-winning Strattford County Novels, will bring his surreal, semi-autistic, seriously screwed-up shtick to the one place in Denver whose audience might actually understand him: The Coffee Joint.As Denver’s first licensed social consumption club (that’s consumption of cannabis) and coffee house (that’s coffee), the Coffee Joint’s mission is to provide a happy place for people who like to get Mile High, with the added bonus of regularly-schedule cannabis-centered speakers. Alas, Colorado’s Clean Air Act prohibits smoking at the ‘Joint, but this is the future, friends, and the options for intake abound: edibles, dabbing, and vaping are not just allowed, but encouraged.Hill’s first novel, East of Denver (2012), won the Colorado Book Award for Literary Fiction. His latest novel, Zebra Skin Shirt (Daisy Dog Press, 2019) won the 2019 American Fiction Award for Literary Fiction.

Hill’s work, set in an off-kilter version the Colorado’s High Plains where he grew up and lives today, inhabits a space between gritty realism and implausible lunacy. A drunken cowboy falls in love with a hermit in a cave full of dead Pleistocene megafauna. A Gen-ex slacker returns to his childhood home, and tries to convince his senile father to rob the local bank. A high school basketball referee becomes trapped in time, gets high, eats psychedelic jello shots, and meets a citizen of Pluto.

How does Hill keep a handle on his sprawling literary universe? Why does he keep promising that he’ll stop giving drugs to his characters? Why does he think that every album made in 1967 is the best album ever made? The answers may surprise you. Then again, if you’re digesting a 10mg gummy bear at the Coffee Joint, in Denver, Colorado at 6pm on December 13, 2019, you may not be the type of person who’s easily-surprised.

Don’t worry, Hill will find a way.

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