Restorative Botanicals CBD Event

April 13, 2018 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
The Coffee Joint
1130 yuma court Denver CO 80204
The Coffee Joint
The Coffee Joint CBD Vendor
$500 in Full Spectrum CBD products Raffle!!
Raffle Includes:
3 packs Bolder Caramels
Hemp Shot
Massage Oil
Sublingual oils (variety)
Relief Cream (various sizes)
Restore Comfort Balm
Trill Dispensary caps
Bee Nails
Education Product Information, Recommended Dosage.

Pamela Orth, Partner, Director Business Development Restorative Botanicals LLC

16 years working as Business Development Manager for Private Medical Practices, Pamela was frustrated at the lack of empathy, accurate information and affordable options for patients and their families.

With Restorative Botanicals, Pamela is blessed with the ability to supply clean, accessible cannabinoid-rich products directly to those in need, their caregivers, and loved ones.  Daily, she connects with patients, pet owners, store owners and individuals sharing their stores of major, and minor wins.

  • Children able to participate in “regular” family activities.
  • Case after case of lessened quantity and duration of seizures.
  • Neuropathy being reduced and eliminated
  • Anxiety and PTSD becoming manageable
  • Reliance on opioids and pain medicines falling by the wayside
  • General quality of life being regained!

And so much more.

Pamela is proud to be thought of as the Protagonist in her circle, but prefers Hemptaganest…

Pamela is active in:

  • The Industrial Hemp Research Foundation
  • US Hemp Round Table
  • National Hemp Association
  • Colorado Woman’s Chamber of Commerce
  • Breckenridge, CO advisory board
  • Dress For Success
  • Temple Sinai

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  1. Wow hey im impressed. Nice job. Ya gotta start somwhere and i personally have a love for a joint with my mornnig cup of joe! For the past fourty years ive done this. Now finaly we can do this freely..kodos to the coffee joint. Ill be in soon/often tall guy with a blue mohawk soon to be neon green for the holiday next week. Yah
    Text ya later.

    Oh yah look forward to meeting the pamula!!

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