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Stoner Magic: The Gathering

Every Odd Thursday, we are hanging out and playing Magic the Gathering.

Experienced player? Bring your standard, modern, legacy or Commander decks in and play against our event coordinator and the other nerds who come into the space.

New Player? No worries!

We can set you up with a tutorial on the MTG Arena game on PC. Exclusively Arena player? No worries! We can also play with you! Currently have no decks that we can provide players. This will be changing.

5$ Consumption Fee Bring Your Own Cannabis

Creative Rolling

Learn the basics of rolling the best joint or blunt. Each class will include a special guest instructor to teach a creative roll. Each class will include a rolling kit.

Creative Rolling Friday -October 11th, 25th

Event time 6pm-9:45 pm

Entry $30 per person

Includes rolling kit, B.Y.O.C.