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Cherry THC event

June 19, 2018 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
The Coffee Joint
1130 Yuma ct. Denver
The Coffee Joint

1136 Yuma Dispensary Product


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Buy a cherry vape pen or cart receive both a 10 cent joint and a Cherry customized battery.

Free goody bags with stickers, car smellys (air fresheners), and lanyard’s!

Cherry provides you with an artisinal oil that is co2 extracted, 100 percent raw cannabis oil with absolutely no additives what so ever. Our Product is strain specific so each individual cart and pen will have its own tase and smell. If you are looking for that uplifting daily high that keeps you on youre feet and ready to take on the day you will want to lean towards our sativa dominant strains, if you are looking for looking too tone down for the day and seep into youre couch for a good movie then grab one of our indica dominants strains. If you are looking for an even distribution of both then its an easy choice… go with the hybrid to keep an even dosage of both Indica and sativa.

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