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A Historical Look At Cannabis

As marijuana rapidly gains legal and social acceptance, people are showing more interest than ever in the versatile flower. But what many people don’t know is that cannabis has deep roots in human history.

Ranging from medicinal to religious use, cannabis has been an important part of many different cultures across the globe. By looking to the past, we can gain insight into the deep value that cannabis has on humankind.

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Diary of a Stoner: The True Meaning of 420

Have you ever wondered where the 420 association with marijuana came from? I’ve heard theories ranging from: it’s the date marijuana was decriminalized in the Netherlands, to its Hitler’s birthday (because when you think pot, you think Nazis, right?). While neither of these are the true connection, the actual story is just as interesting and involves the Grateful Dead, believe it or not!

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Diary of a Stoner: Tony Clifton Crumble

The naming strategies of some strains remain an enigma to me, while others make perfect sense. Yet, even still, some come to reveal themselves as they start to take effect.

I went to see Robert again at the 1136 Yuma dispensary. This is always a wise move. I like to call him Doctor Robert, both after the Beatles song (“Ring, my friend, I said you’d call Dr. Robert”) and because he’s the closest thing you’ll ever find to a ph.D in weed (his thesis was on concentrates, I understand).

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