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Joint Rolling 101

The smoke circle is a tradition passed down through generations that connects us all. This time old ritual starts with one very important element, the joint. For many stoners learning…

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Dispensaries Are Essential Businesses in Denver Colorado

Dispensaries in Denver were deemed essential businesses on Monday March 24th. This was decided after Mayor Hancock pulled back Denver's decision to close dispensaries at 5:00 pm on March 25th.

After the announcement that the city of Denver was planning on closing recreational dispensaries after 5:00 pm on March 25th it caused citizens to rush purchase their relief. This situation exemplifies the fact that although someone maybe purchasing cannabis recreationally, it doesn't mean it's not for medical relief.

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Taking on HIV with Cannabis: Inflammation

Poz people have reached a place where, with medications, they can expect the same quality of life as everyone else. Even so, HIV medications are not a cure all. However the pills don't reduce inflammation to the levels of the general population.

Also, someone with HIVs immune health isn't as strong as others. So these problems and more have led many poz patients to take on HIV with cannabis to combat inflammation.

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