Women in Weed: Jane West

March 8th is international women’s day, and this month Kenneth takes a break from his normal Diary of a Stoner series to focus on celebrating Women in Weed.

February 28, 2014, was the day Amy Dannemiller lost her job as a corporate event planner when her bosses saw her vaping marijuana on a CNBC documentary about legalization in Colorado. Like some comic book superhero origin story, it could be said this was also the day Jane West, Dannemiller’s marijuana-related alter ego, was born. Even though she had served in her position for 8 years, she didn’t let her termination destroy her.

“I violated the policy and they have every right to make their own decisions,” she told Denver FOX 31 news in March 2014.

Instead, as Jane West, she turned that termination into determination as she created a cannabis-based events company called Edible Events that same year. “That’s not to say this change came without difficulty,” she wrote on her blog in 2016. “I’ve experienced more than my share of doubt, fear, and indecision. At times I’ve struggled with the feeling that I was in way over my head. But as I worked through the struggles, I found that Jane West was stronger, smarter and more powerful than the person I had been.”

It was with this determination that West established herself as one of the most prominent names and faces of women in the Cannabis industry. In 2014, she also co-founded Women Grow with Jazmin Hupp and Julie Batkiewicz. Women Grow is an organization designed to promote, educate, and assist women who are striving to become leaders in the Cannabis Industry.

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Kenneth Dinkins is a social consumption specialist at the Coffee Joint.

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