Where, Oh Where, Do I Buy My CBD Supply?

With legislation improving and stigma reducing, hemp products are becoming more and more popular. Many Americans are finding that holistic medicine, and CBD in particular, work well for the treatment of many ailments, from arthritis to anxiety. And companies are catching on, evident by the flood of products on the market. But where are you supposed to buy CBD?

CBD from a Dispensary

If you live in a state that has recreational cannabis available, the CBD product you’re likely immediately familiar with is the one that’s sold in your local dispensary. This is good for folks who are comfortable with getting stoned and don’t mind a little psychoactive component. They’ll even work together! However consumers who don’t want any psychoactive aspects, i.e. THC, will want to purchase elsewhere. Everything that a dispensary carries (that can be consumed) must have a certain level of THC or higher.

So, if you’re not looking to get stoned, where are you supposed to go to buy some?

CBD from a Storefront/Online

Generally, websites and storefronts sell industrial hemp. In order to qualify, the plant material must have a very small percentage of THC or less – otherwise, dispensary they go. So, for consumers looking purely for medicinal benefits, this is it. To buy in person, look for reputable local shops and companies – often, they’ll advertise that they carry CBD. For example, the Coffee Joint sells local companies that have all been health-department certified to be industrial hemp, and you can find all of it on our website. Try searching for specialty stores, or if you have a preferred brand, look on their website for listed retailers. Most will even ship right to your doorstep – the Coffee Joint sure does!

Overall, CBD is a great natural medicine for a lot of people, whether you purchase from a dispensary or not. If you’re concerned about THC levels though, always make sure to look at the ingredients and ask! And if you’re in the Denver area looking for CBD and/or education, the Coffee Joint is your stop! Even if you’re out of town, we’re always willing to chat and can ship to you!

~written by Melinda Gardner~

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