What Will We Infuse Next?

As we make new discoveries in the wonderful world of weed, we learn a lot about how it bonds to other compounds, how those cause the psychoactive products to break down within our endocannabinoid system, and especially, how to work in tandem with a bud’s flavor profile to create powerful, savory, and sweet dishes alike. With everything we have learned about these processes, an infused treat, dish, or beverage is really only limited by your imagination.

What we Know now:
Since 2012, Colorado has specialized in some of the most reliable, effective, and creative products on the market. Baked goods, gummies & hard candies, tinctures, even dissolvable THC/CBD additive packets have all have comparable benefits. The Key to efficient psychoactive infusion is decarboxylation; the process of dropping the amino acid from THC-a, leaving behind THC that is eager to make some connections.

Traditionally, brownie enthusiasts followed Irish tradition; the more butter the better. This is because the dense, unsalted fat, provides a stable compound to bond to. This process can create some of the longest lasting edibles by nature. Our bodies will break down fat slower than sugars or THC on its own. This causes the endocannabinoid system to draw from the THC much slower than a hard candy or smoking; which performs all of these actions in one process with a greater loss of product. THC inevitably it stored in your fat cells so cutting out the middle-man provides a slower/consistent release of THC from the moment of ingestion.

In contrast, an edible with low fat content (such as a hard candy, gummy, or infused soda), will flood into your body’s fat cells and typically result in an intense high without such a long duration.

The not-so-new Concern: 
Responsibility. It cannot be overly-stressed that we as friends, parents, and citizens, have a duty to use these powerful remedies responsibly. That comes with storage, ethical use, and teaching Kids the importance of age restrictions. These duties belong to us as consumers, and especially as parents.

As of January 1st, 2019,  Edible infused companies will be required to resubmit their products to the Washington State Liquor Board for reapproval. Recently, edible products [featuring highly saturated colors, lively, fun graphics, and traditional kids candy flavors] have come under fire for appealing to easily to the underage market. Most children tend to skip the liquor cabinet of throat-burning cleansers and search to satisfy their sweet tooth. Too many cases of children finding their parents edibles, or finding their own connection has left the responsibility on the production end in such a delicate market. In an effort to comply with these new standards, many of these companies have agreed to remove some artificial flavorings, colors, or adjust their marketing accordingly.

What to Expect:
While many of these companies already have their foot in the door and (most) can still flex their products into the market, new edible businesses will have a much easier time developing products catered to adults. Savory dinner profiles, cocktails, breath strips, tinctures, & catering, each have settled into their niche markets in specialist businesses. Take away everything that makes that bud fun, and we are left with the spice that is the cannabis plant.

These Chefs, Bartenders, and other services have caught onto strategies that build on the flavor profile of a particular strain and have opened up a new wing to infusion. With these new discoveries and restrictions, many expect the edible market to pivot to savory products. This could lead to a heavier push for restaurants and catering who provide a fine dining experience.

He is not alone but the Herbal Chef speaks boldly on cooking with cannabis as a spice that brings out even more robust profiles in his dishes. This man’s menu is nothing to ash at, from sushi to savory four course meals, the Herbal Chef is a leader in his field.


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