Stashlogix: Organizing the Game

We’ve all made promises around now – eager intentions of ‘resetting’ our ways into healthier ones to accommodate the new year. Well, for those of you looking to organize your stash a little bit better (and who isn’t? Stoners can have chronic clutter), the Stashlogix is where it’s at. The Boulder-proud product has three main features that will make it key to keeping that sweet organization going all year.


The most immediate feature, and likely the most important, is that the Stashlogix locks firmly. On the front of the container, it has a mechanism and dials that operate almost in combination lock style; in order to lock it, you pull the tough zipper tabs around to the front and snap them snugly into grooves in the locking mechanism. Move the dials on the bottom to numbers different than your combination, and there you have it! There’s no breaking into it, which is ideal if you have children, roommates, or pets that like to get into what they’re not supposed to. And you know exactly where your valuables are!

The next feature that helps make Stashlogix near and dear to my heart is the fact that its dividers are repositionable. Sturdy plastic is covered in a soft material and velcro at the ends so it sticks, both to other dividers and the sides of the container. So whether you’re toting around a pipe, your rig, or are carrying the blunts for the camping trip, the Stashlogix can safely carry it all without getting messy.

The last feature that has Stashlogix on top is that it’s a hard case. I’ve seen a lot of other stash bags on the market that were well padded, but had no structure and could definitely still be flattened. Just imagine – you finally get to your destination and the backpack you tossed your rig into was not sufficient. That worry is whisked away – I don’t think anything (within reason) could squish my Stashlogix.

So if organization is your goal for the new year, and your stash is out of control, the Stashlogix is seriously where it’s at. It locks, the compartments are adjustable to fit anything you’re carrying with you, and the case is hard and sturdy, in case it gets rough out there. Practical, stylish and Colorado-proud – come snag one from The Coffee Joint!

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