Melinda’s Healthier Munchies

Munchies are one of the greatest things about getting stoned. As someone who already really loves food, something that made food taste better was right up my alley. Flashback to me, freshman year of college, inhaling a whole box of both zebra cakes and Cheez-its in one night, and you get the picture. Now that I’ve been smoking for a few years now, however, I find that I can’t eat those kind of snacks the way I used to. Not only did they stop sounding good (looking at you, oatmeal cream pies) but the morning after would be some sort of hellish junk food hangover. I also felt like I was eating absurd amounts and getting no nutritional value. So, I absolutely had to change my munching. I made some simple swaps and genius creations. And not to say I don’t get down on the Hostess family of snacks still – everything in moderation. Overall though, I’ve been more conscience about what goes into my body, so here’s what I’ve been snacking on:


Instead of candy, fresh fruit!
This one is so easy but so big. I have a huge sweet tooth, and would go through bags and bags of candy. Seriously, the holidays were brutal. But, I started spending the money I was spending on candy on fruit, and was much better off. Fruits are good on their own, but my a couple of my favorite blends are: blueberries, kiwi, and watermelon; pineapple, apples, and strawberries; or blackberries, strawberries, and bananas. Better skin, more abundant vitamins, and all natural sugars are in your fruity future!


Instead of chips, hummus and crackers!

Chips never seem that bad, because they technically are plant based. How can you hate on potatoes like that?! But, I would always get the salt and vinegar flavor, and after eating bags and bags of them I was concerned that I was taking in way more sodium than I realized. As well as all the fat from both the potatoes and oil used to fry them. So, I switched to hummus and crackers. All to preference, but specifically, I get the Sabra brand hummus in either supremely spicy, or roasted pine nut. And then pepper and olive oil flavored Triscuit crackers to go with them.  And I’m never looking back! On top of being satisfying and filling, chickpeas are a great source of protein, and Triscuits have iron and whole grain in them. Win win!

trail mix

Instead of cereal, trail mix!

I’m a cereal fiend. Like, I’ll eat multiple bowls a day as well as having a snack baggie of dry cereal with me. But of course, the most snackable cereals are also the ones that aren’t necessarily the best to consume day after day. Fruity Loops, Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes all have a ton of sugar compared to the rest of the ingredients in them, and I was getting an abundance. So I switched to trail mix! Just as many options, way more benefits! Also, arguably more portable. My favorite blends include: traditional mountain trail mix, tropical trail mix, or sweet and savory. But a quick Pinterest search shows so many other options! This is really the one where you can make it your own.

More Substantial Recipes

Sometimes, you want a little something more than just snacks. But you also just ate so many snacks, you can’t eat a full meal. These two recipes are for those situations! And also easy to tweak and add/take away different flavors and elements as you please. 

Basic Burrito Bowl

1 cup white or brown rice, 1 can of black beans, salsa (preferred brand), cheddar cheese, salt and pepper.

Make rice according to package. Using either the stove or the microwave, heat up the black beans. Add into the rice. Add salsa, cheese, salt, and pepper to preference.


Spicy Hummus Bagel

Plain bagels, Sabra brand (mentioned) – Supremely Spicy flavor, cheddar cheese, egg, salt, pepper

Toast bagel to preference. Add layer of hummus and cheese. Salt and pepper if you like. Fry an egg to your preference. Slide on top of prepared bagel, then top off with more cheese. Enjoy!


Let me know if you try any of my suggestions/recipes, and doubly let me know if you come up with any on your own!


~written by Melinda Gardner~

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