Legal Transpotation

With the legal and reliable supplies are regionally available, travelers make their way into Denver from across the globe to check out flourishing products, new research, and the dankest sap in town. The market is well-regulated and accountability is key on every end; safe, ethical products for responsible consumption.

Federal classification of Cannabis still prevents any transportation of THC products across state lines. That being said, some airports have adjusted their penal policies under certain quantities and the TSA officially allows Tobacco pipes and devices in your checked bag or carry-on. THC is still Federally illegal and as a federal agency, the TSA will forward any confiscations to local authorities; do not try to fly with THC products.

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To help strategize your tours, we recommend devices that are easily freed from any THC. Pipes, bowls, & chillums best options is coarse salt and Alcohol: Because the sodium chloride will not dissolve in Alcohol, it will act as a scrubbing agent as the Alcohol breaks down the resin chambered inside.
Easier than that, pick up a battery and either a pre-filled disposable cartridge or a disposable dome that you can fill with your own concentrates. This provides you with a cheap battery you can travel with anywhere and equip when possible; just toss the end containing THC residue.

Your winning option for discretion, disposal, and full ingestion of course, would be edibles. Defined by their oral consumption, Edibles can be baked goods, candies, drinks, dissolvable additives, the list goes on! Like any THC product, you may not board a plane with these items. However, an edible leaves behind only a wrapper and can be consumed with ease.


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