Joints and Joints, can Cannabis really help?

The amount of strain and stress we put on our joints is astronomical. Think about it…how many times do you bend your fingers, or bend your knees to walk up the stairs, or turn your head…chew your food!? I could continue, but I’m pretty sure you get the idea, joints promote movement, and that movement does not come without a toll to the body and let’s face it the body is not quiet when this toll asks you to pay up…it hurts like the Mafia asking for their money. Something this author knows all to well, so much so I can tell you when the weather will change….three days in advance!

So why does this limp worthy pain happen? Well, consider this…WebMD states, joints form the connections between bones, think about how big the space between the bones in your fingers are…not very big. Okay, so really joints only provide a tiny bit of space meaning your muscles only have so much space to move which means your nerves that send signals and notifications have a very tight space they are working with. When inflammation happens it crowds the area, like booking a space with max capacity of 50 and you have 100 people who just all came in at the same time…no one can move!
Try to move your fingers when they are swollen, yeah…not happening and if it does, well I hope you have your favorite painkiller readily available to you, it might numb the pain…temporarily. Man, I wish there was a product that would actually work! Guess what, there is, and it naturally works with your body…cannabis! I’m sure you saw that coming…
Before we get into how weed helps, lets first talk about what could cause joint pain. According to Michael Heart from MarijuanaBreak there is no one cause but it really could be any number of things, but here are a few:

It has been found that specific forms of arthritis, for example, rheumatoid arthritis are linked to certain genes.

According to recent statistics, most types of arthritis are more common in women. 60% of the people with arthritis are women. Gout is more common in men.

By default as you begin to age your joints start to wear down. It is important to exercise frequently to avoid this.

Excess weight
Those that carry excess weight force their joints and body to work harder than usual. The extra pounds tend to lead to arthritis in the knees.

Although injuries aren’t always in our control, they may cause joint damage that leads to specific forms of arthritis.

What joints look like:

Osteoarthritis or arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Okay, so…lets get to the good stuff, how cannabis can help.

Researchers from the University of South Carolina discovered that THC, one of the cannabis plant’s cannabinoids, can change critical molecules of epigenome, leading to suppression of inflammation. Another study published in the journal Rheumatology by Dr. Sheng-Ming Dai of China’s Second Military Medical University found that unusually high levels of CB2 receptors were found in joint tissues of arthritis patients. This led them to conclude that the use of cannabis had a positive effect in combating inflammation by activating the pathways of CB2 receptors.

One of the most amazing aspects of CBD is its combined strong anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and neuro-protective properties which assist in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and Arthritis. Cannabis is now thought to be one of the most effective treatments for these conditions. THC is also an antispasmodic, bronchodilator, muscle relaxant – a powerful neuroprotectant and antioxidant. As a matter of fact, it has twice the anti-inflammatory power of hydrocortisone and 20 times of aspirin. Basically, THC and CBD work together to lessen the pain and reduce inflammation so that tiny area we talked about isn’t crowded and nerves aren’t getting pushed around.

Now that you know, here are some strains that have been proven to be especially helpful:

#1 The Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain

Girl Scout Cookies, aka GSC, is one the best cannabis strains on the market to treat pain. This amazing hybrid strain is known for its high THC content that produces powerful, full-body pain relief.

#2 The Cannatonic Cannabis Strain

Cannatonic Cannabis Strain

Go into any dispensary and ask about his marijuana strain and you’ll get and immediate response; “This cannabis strain is great to treat pain and inflammation.” Cannatonic has a low THC, high CBD content and produces a mellow high that is typically short-lived. It’s the perfect marijuana strain for pain relief and won’t get you couch-locked.

#3 The Famous ACDC Cannabis Strain

ADCD Cannabis Strain

As the rock band put it, this is the T.N.T of all strains. It’s the ultimate powerhouse strain that will blow that pain away. ACDC is a Sativa-dominant strain and originates from Cannatonic. ACDC stands out for its low THC, high CBD ratio providing its patients with immediate pain relief without the high.

#4 The Harlequin Marijuana Strain

Harlequin Cannabis Strain

For those of you who need to function during the day and want to avoid a euphoric high, Harlequin is the perfect strain. This Harlequin Sativa dominant cannabis strain usually has a 5:2 CBD: THC ratio which makes it a super effective strain for treating conditions such as arthritis pain.

#5 The Canna Tsu Cannabis Strain

Due to this strains magical CBD powers, it has become a popular strain used to fight inflammation. Packed with a high CBD, low THC ratio, this strain will keep a clear head and allow you to focus on other things apart from the pain associated with arthritis.

Hopefully, this helps and that limp-worthy pain lessens with the help of my hero…Marijuana.

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