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Is there even a difference between a Bong and an Oil Rig? Well, yes but in a word, it preference. Both can accomplish the same tasks but with two approaches with different priorities. While a bong focuses on filtration, an Oil Rig’s goal is cooling of the product with the most direct delivery possible.

In short, the main trait of an oil rig includes smaller percolation and cooling chambers. The goal of a small rig is to cool the vaporized cloud quickly without condensing the vapor back to a resin inside the rig. They capitalize on this benefit by keeping consistent vapor flow through a small surface area with enough volume to cool what is needed.
Every Oil Rig will pull slightly different than the last. There are so many styles, glass dingbats, and heating methods to accomplish this. In many ways, it is preference to your dabs.

Bigger Dabs, Bigger Rigs
A larger dab will require more heat since more material will absorb. More heat needs more cooling and with a particularly large dab, volume becomes slightly more important. With a dab above 0.3 grams, more space begins to help dramatically cool the dab without losing an excessive amount of the good stuff. Be sure to continue comparing the consistent air flow with how much surface area the vapor will run past to avoid claiming more of your concentrate within those chambers.

Riggly’s Gunk
Be aware of certain factors that will cause your piece to claim more for itself; Cold dabs, Overfilling a banger or nail, cold water, too much surface area or too many recyclers, & even pulling too hard can suck your (boiling) dab right down your stem.
Lucky for us, some terpenes have antibacterial properties. This shouldn’t keep u from cleaning out reclaim though. Aside from ruining the taste and air flow of a good dab, resin will favor sticking to itself, and gunk up a piece quicker with each dab.
In an effort to keep the vapor warm, some dabbers are starting to opt for dabbing through warm water. In an effort to keep the dab above a certain temperature, their goal is to provide a path without cool spots to stick to.

Sanitation is important. Aside from the health risks of stagnant and dirty water producing airborne contaminants, you are losing more of your product with every bowl or dab! Resin enjoys sticking to resin… and all over your hands. Start with some isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel to clean off those hands and then dump enough in your piece to mix around. Alcohol naturally breaks up resin and grease but will not dissolve salt, making a perfect combination to scrub off resin.

There are quite a few ways to bring cannabis concentrates up to their boiling point through a glass rig. Bangers and Nails typically feature one of three materials; Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz. Each of these hold heat differently but operate more-or-less the same. Without an electric option that easily allows you to set the temperature, a kitchen or camping torch is most commonly used to heat up the surface. Cool Temp Dabbing takes place at 315 degrees for great flavor and maximum medical benefits. Heavy Dabbing can take place all the way up at 710 degrees for dense, clouds and a powerful high. A Quartz Banger is most commonly used for the purest flavor, as well as some of the best heat retention. It is important to practice regulating the temperature in this process. Dabs taken at too high of temperature can cause burn the throat aside from producing avoidable burnt product. For a concentrated toke, try adding a carb cap while you inhale. These caps provide a concentrated hit and keep the air flow from cooling surfaces too drastically.

Keep in mind, in the end, it is about how you like to toke it. Here at The Coffee Joint, we are happy to help guests find the right products for their needs and provide the most recent information on health, consumption, & industry development. Ask any of our hosts about cannabis and you!


  • Filtration vs. Cooling
  • Bigger Dabs, Bigger Rig
  • Keep It Clean
  • Bangers: Titanium, Ceramic, Quartz
  • Benefits vs. Temperature


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Written by Matthew D Sheahan

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