Ichabod’s Water Pipe

Disposable, makes a great pie, and 100% organic; there is no reason our Jack-o-lanterns can’t light us up in return! Today, the Coffee Joint will teach you how to step up you organic-fruit-bowl game into a group effort with a bong that gave sleepy hollow its name.

Gourd BongThere are a few ways to approach this device and depending on what you want to inhale, you may decide to add or subtract features from this state-of-the-art design. The first choice we must make is based on our equipment; if you do not have a stem to pull from, we recommend a gourd with more of a neck, resembling a small rig (this will provide you with a mouthpiece).

Next, cut a lid from your selected gourd from the top with the intent of refashioning it for a good seal. Empty the goopy, stringy contents and save all your seeds for your only friend who wants to bake them when you’re done. Identify the most effective location for your downstem and use a pumpkin carver to dissect a rounded hole that will fit said downstem snug; we recommend thicker glass for support and amassed air flow such as 3/4 or 5/8 inch. (Glass-on-glass frosted slides will be much easier to provide an effective seal for). Insert the Downstem and be sure it is long enough for the far end to sit below the water’s surface once filled. Remove the fitted bowl from the downstem and hand it to a buddy to pack while you finish construction.

MouthpeaceIf you are preparing a pumpkin (opposed to a gourds with a stem), you will need to perform the same procedure on the lid or other optimal position for the mouthpiece. If you are getting clever, some folks have utilized a Mouthpeace in place of a stem. All components are available at the Coffee Joint. Mouthpeace kits sell for $10 each.

Fill with water to a level that offers a consistent pull through the mouthpiece with the bowl in place. The pull should be smooth with the bowl in place or not without churning water up towards the user.

Congratulations on creating your very own Great Pumpkin, now are you ready to cross the bridge and become the Headless Horseman? Happy Halloween from the Coffee Joint!

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