How to Reduce Anxiety and Practice Self-Care in 30 Minutes or Less.

Anxiety is something many of us live with on a daily basis, though the severity of it varies. What’s more? The very things that cause our anxiety, such as stress from work or a busy life, keeps up from performing the self-care that we need. In order to ensure that we get the care that we need, here are a few tips on how to reduce anxiety and practice self-care in just 30 minutes.

Take a Walk

You don’t need to do a hard workout to relieve some of the stress you’re experiencing. Just take a brisk 30-minute walk around your neighborhood or around the building where you work during lunch. If you work in the creative space, walking is actually known to help improve creativity if you’re feeling stuck or have lost inspiration.

Try Natural Remedies

Tea is known for its relaxing benefits, however, you can also try also supplements to your tea, such as CBD oil. CBD oil has come to be considered a miracle remedy and is known to calm your nerves. Studies have even proven that CBD oil relieves anxiety and depression. Whether you purchase an herbal tea that already has CBD oil in it, or add it to one of your favorite blends, it’s a great way to calm your nerves and allow you to relax. You can also take advantage of cannabis, which is a non-addictive alternative that helps with stress relief.

Clean Up a Bit

Cleaning may sound counterintuitive, but studies have shown that cleaning has some significant health benefits. Simply taking care of one task at home a day can do big things to reduce your stress—even calling your repairman is a simple way to take some stress off of yourself. Don’t let the task at hand overwhelm you. Instead, use cleaning as a specific way to help destress while also improving your surroundings.

Journal Your Thoughts

Therapists have actually been known to recommend journaling to their patients as a way of releasing their emotions to help lower stress levels. You don’t need to be perfect in what you’re writing and try not to focus too much on grammar and syntax. Simply focus on how you’re feeling and getting it out.

Get Creative

Draw a picture, paint, sing a song, watch the clouds and decipher their shapes – do anything to get those creative juices flowing to allow yourself a way to both clear your mind and release any stress and anxiety you’re feeling through art. Be sure to not set any type of expectations here. You are going to be the next Picasso. Focus on the freedom and fun that comes with expressing yourself.

Create an At-Home Spa

Take some time to perform the physical self-care you need. Whether you want to create your own face mask, paint your nails, or just take a long bath, consider these 30 minutes as a way to treat yourself at home. Just make sure you enjoy the time you have to yourself and make sure this time is void of any distractions so you can focus on releasing your negative energy.

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