How to Prevent Vape Spitback, Popping Atomizers

Vaping is becoming extremely popular around the world as more and more people are leaving behind cigarette smoking in order to take up vaping. While science is still somewhat inconclusive related to the long-term effects of vaping on our health, the general consensus seems to be that vaping causes much less adverse effects on our health as compared to cigarette smoking. Furthermore, vaping can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

A recent study by the UMass Medical School found that people who smoke one pack of cigarettes per day will most likely be spending upwards of $2,000 dollars per year. Lastly, vaping is also a great way to protect your teeth from the yellow staining that is common with cigarette smokers. It also does not negatively affect the sense of smell and taste that tobacco users often complain about.

Despite the benefits of vaping over traditional tobacco and cigarettes, people who are new to the world of vaping might have troubles related to vape spit-back and popping atomizers.

Below, we offer a few suggestions on how to prevent these common problems that new vapers often face.

Potential Problems of Vape Spit-back and Popping Atomizers

Imagine sitting down with a friend who is new to the world of vaping. You fill up the tank and fire up the mod, but right when your friend is about to take his first draw, the vape juice comes bursting out of the top of the vaporizer like a small volcano.

In the best case scenario, your buddy might end up swallowing some of the e-liquid, which will most likely not be a pleasant experience. However, it is also possible for people to burn their tongue due to vape spit-back.

Furthermore, if this is a common occurrence, you might be causing damage to your tank and thus reducing the lifespan of your vaporizer. Since most people take up vaping because of the added flavor, even small amounts of vape spit-back or popping atomizers will also most likely be drastically reducing the amount of flavor and vapor that you experience with each draw.

A Few Solutions to Fix and/or Avoid Vape Spit-back

Vapers can be expensive, and even with online vape deals, you will most likely be spending a sizable part of your paycheck if you have to purchase a new vaping device every couple of weeks. Fortunately, vape spit-back and popping atomizers can often be corrected with a few simple fixes. Before you throw your vaporizer into the garbage and head out to purchase a new one, consider these easy and straightforward solutions.

Adjust Airflow

Often times, modest vape spit-back might simply be caused by incorrect airflow. If there is too much air flowing into your tank, the most common effect will be vape juice flooding into your tank and thus spitting through the drip tip when you vape.

By simply making some minor adjustments to lessen the airflow, you might be able to prevent spit-back and popping.

Do Not Over Prime Your Coil

Another of the most common causes of vape spit-back is related to over priming the coils. Priming the coil is the technical term for placing a few drops of e-liquid directly on the wicks before first using a coil in your vaporizer.

Obviously, you need to thoroughly wet any wick before using it. However, priming it to the point that there are small pools of e-liquid on your coils is a sure recipe for major spit-back.

Fire it Up before Inhaling to Burn off the Excess Liquid

If you feel that you have placed a little too much e-liquid onto the coils, instead of starting over, simply fire up the vaporizer for a few seconds before taking your first inhale. The heat will most likely burn off the excess liquid, and you should be able to hear the “popping” sound fade away after a few seconds. This gives you the cue that you are ready to puff away without fear of burning your tongue.

Maintenance to Your Wicks

If you prefer rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs), then spit back might be caused by your wick. By not sufficiently impeding the space between the coils and the tank with a quality wick, the juice will inevitably make its way into the chamber and lead to popping and spit-back.

While RTAs are preferred by many vapers, regular maintenance through re-wicking your coils is necessary to avoid flooding and spitting.

Clean Up E-Liquid from the Chimney

Lastly, it is also a good idea to periodically clean the e-juice that has collected in the chimney. Though somewhat uncommon, this juice can lead to spitting and popping if it finds its way back down to your coils.

To clean up the chimney on your vaporizer, simply take some tissue paper, roll it into a thin tube, and place it into the chimney opening of your tank to soak up any excess liquid that may have accumulated.

Apart from ensuring basics such as using high quality vape canada, vape juice and reliable battery such as vaperslide, these simple solutions should help you avoid the problems that many vapers experience related to vape spit-back and atomizer popping.



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