How To Prepare Your 420 Party

Alright kids, we’re a month out from our favorite holiday of the year! For many, it might be too early to start coordinating, but I absolutely love throwing an awesome holiday party for my friends, and right now is crucial prep time!  As we get closer I’ll share my playlist and movie queue with everyone, but for now, here’s my chronic – I mean, chronological – list on how to prepare yourself for the big day.

Make Arrangements

We all enjoy a good solo sesh, but the holidaze are better spent with friends! Now is a good time to tell your people that you’re having a celebration, so everyone can prioritize and clear their schedules. Stoners are a notoriously disorganized bunch, but you better believe they’ll have their agendas set for the holiday! On top of that, the sooner you lock in a guest list, the sooner you can best achieve the next steps!

Shop For Weed

Whether you live in a state that’s been legalized for a while or if your industry is still fresh, you’re going to want to shop early. A lot of dispensaries will have some deals closer to the date, but it’s not guaranteed that it will be on the products you want, nor that they’ll have the selection you’re looking for. Plus, it’s always better to have more than enough than not enough – and giving yourself time before the big day to shop ensures that no one RSVPing at the last minute will be without any fun! Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing your stash is on lock for a day like this.

Shop For Snacks

Now, the weed is only half of a 420 party – you’ve got to have the snacks and spread to keep a crowd happy as well. Keep snacks on deck for throughout the day, but definitely have a light meal planned as well! Your typical stoner go tos are great, like: cereal, chips, candy, Bagel Bites, Kool Aid, etc. As for the light meal, go easy on that as well! Sandwiches are super easy to prepare ahead of time, and equally easy to modify for your vegan or gluten free friends. All of this is also way cheaper than delivery services that are also going to be flustered and spread thin due to 420.

Select Your Entertainment

Now it’s time to get your entertainment in order! If it’s a larger group, maybe you’ll decide to set a playlist and either play games or chat all day. If that’s your route, get your playlist ready now! A playlist that’s too short will get repetitive, so the longer the better! If you prefer to watch movies and have more of a hangout, compile your list of flicks, and let the crowd choose when the day comes. It might sound silly to make a list then have your guests pick, but the last thing you want is to fall into that indecisiveness trap. “What do you want to watch?” “I don’t know man, what do you want to watch?” Not this year, man. Not this year. 

Clean, Clean, Clean!

And now for the final step. This one is so often overlooked, but I think makes a huge difference. Clean everything, man! This means the nooks and crannies in your apartment – like the bathroom, fridge, underneath the couch cushions – everything. But this also means your pieces! Resin-coated smoking apparatuses definitely affect how excited I am to smoke, as well as the flavor of the bud. And as a host, I don’t want my guests smoking out of my gnarly daily driver. If you’re that person that only cleans their stuff once a year, isn’t in the name of 420 a good enough reason?

So hopefully this list I’ve compiled makes your 420 an easy-to-plan home run. These basic steps have never led me astray! And as we get closer to the big day, I’ll share my own playlist as well as my top movies. Is there anything for 420 you’d like me to know about or include? We’ed love to hear from you!


~Melinda Gardner~




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