How to Make Feminized Marijuana Seeds at Home

The idea behind feminized marijuana seeds is to produce female plants that most cannabis farmers believe it has many benefits. The likeliest area to find feminized seeds is at the seed banks. The feminized marijuana plant is forced to produce pollen sacs like their male counterparts.

Breeders usually force the female plants to make their pollen and then feminized marijuana seeds, which can later help in the fertilization of another female plant. There are only two ways to force a female to make pollen, through induction and rhodelization.


Induction involves the introduction of pollen chemically into the female to feminize the seeds. Many cannabis farmers recommend this method. The use of gibberellic acid and colloidal silver are the main ingredients used to initiate this process.


If you visit the wild, it will become apparent that some feminine cannabis sativa plants naturally start producing male pollen buds and start the pollination process. This will only take place when the plant is frazzled. When buds are not reaped in time, the buds will start dying of old age. Literally, the plant tries as much as it can to protect the future generation.

Rhodelization will produce seeds that have both male and female sex organs, which may not be desirable for a breeder.

Making Feminized Marijuana Seeds at Home

First, you start by buying or making colloidal silver, which is a solution of silver suspension in water. The mixture is available online and in health stores as a food supplement.

Spray the buds containing female plants daily for three to four weeks when they are at the flowering stage. At some point, you may realize that some pollen sacs are forming and splitting open. The switch to a 12 hours light and 12 hours darkness schedule, choose one bud site and start the spraying process using gibberellic acid or colloidal silver. The untreated bud sites will form the female buds as expected. It is not safe to smoke this bud because of the chemical interactions during spraying. If you end up smoking these buds, you’d feel like Seth Rogen high on pineapple express.

Now it is time to harvest the feminized pollens. When the pollens are ready, they will swell and start opening up. Time the harvest so that it is not too early and keep spraying until the leaf protecting the sack begins to break. Collect the feminized pollens and let them dry for a week. One week later, put them in a bag shake them for pollen grains.

You can also pollinate a female plant that has been flowering for at least three weeks. You can also pollinate the same plant though not recommended because there might be a timing mismatch. Late pollination reduces the quality of seed production. Using a different plant from the one you have widens the gene pool as opposed to self-pollination.

Wait for less than six weeks to start harvesting your seeds. The calyxes on the female plant will be swollen and appear fat. Harvest the seeds the moment they start bursting out.

By the time you do all these, know that you have been successful in creating feminized marijuana seeds.

Identifying the Plants Gender before the Flowering Stage

The main aim of using feminized marijuana is by making sure you increase the female population.

●      Using a Clone

A clone is an exact copy of another plant. In simple terms, if the parent of the clone is a female, it means that the clone is also female.

●      Look for Pre-flowers

Take plants that are three to six weeks from the seed. Cannabis seeds reveal gender when they in the vegetative stage. The male version of the seeds will show gender at three to four weeks while the female will start showing gender after four weeks.

●      Test the Leaves of the Seedling

Use a testing company to identify the seeds gender. The best time to take them for testing is three weeks from their seedlings.

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●      Use a Clone and Force it to Flower

A marijuana seed in a vegetative state can be forced to flower to reveal its gender. However, this may take time before flowering can start and probably get an answer when it is too late.

●      Look at the Seed

Some farmers will tell you that some seeds have the feminine line than others. The idea is to look at the seeds instead of guessing to pick a female seed. Even breeders with enough experience can tell you that they are accurate most of the time.

The approach seems to be something, only the veterans could understand, but for a neo-breeder stick to the tried and tested methods of identifying plants gender.

●      Natural Selection

Getting to know which plant is male or female also depends on the theory of natural selection. Male plants tend to grow taller and mature faster than their female partners. Another reason for this is the idea that as males grow taller, they can start pouring pollen to the shorter (females) as they are budding.


When you rely on traditional fertilization methods for the development of marijuana plants, breeders have less control over the plants future. Marijuana growers take the extra step to increase the chances of having female marijuana seeds. As a farmer, you only need to determine the appropriate approach to feminize marijuana seeds.


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