Hemp Wick: What’s the Point?

As more and more accessories are introduced to make the everyday smoker’s life easier, not every product is truly good enough to reach daily driver status. Especially when it comes to lighting your bowl, folks are either team Bic or team Clipper, and can’t imagine having it any other way. But there’s an alternative that will not only preserve your lighter preferences, but your lungs, your stash, and the environment too.


Your lungs will be the first to benefit from giving hemp wick a try. While there’s no evidence that cannabis vapor does any damage to your lungs, lighter fluids like butane do. Those gases enter the bloodstream and reduce the amount of oxygen available to the body. Additionally, the flame produced by a hemp wick is a much cooler temperature than the flame from a lighter, so your lungs don’t have to work so hard through the heat.

Making the switch to hemp wick can also help the environment.

Disposable lighters take a lot of material to make, and are difficult to recycle, especially considering they’re ‘single use.’ While you would still need a lighter to light a piece of hemp wick, the lighter wouldn’t be using nearly as much fluid, therefore saving gases and prolonging its life.

The final reason to make the switch to hemp wick is your stash. Butane has a slight flavor to it, and when inhaled it can affect the taste of your product. It has a higher flame temperature, which can burn off certain terpenes and cannabinoids you would want to take advantage of. Many people also agree that hemp wick is much easier to maneuver, making it an ideal accessory for those who like to corner their bowls.

Overall, you don’t need hemp wick to enjoy cannabis products. But the benefits of using it, particularly over butane, can’t be ignored. In an industry where sustainability and holistic health are the core of interest, hemp wick is an easy, economic tool.

If you aren’t sure where to purchase yourself some, head down to the Coffee Joint, where we carry ITAL brand hemp wick!



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