Health Benefits of CBD Flower

With the legalization of hemp farming, thanks to Farm Bill 2018 – terms like cannabidiol, hemp, and CBD flower are gaining momentum more than ever. However, in this particular post we will talk about CBD flower; where it comes from, its benefits, and ways to consume it.

What is CBD Flower?

Simply put, CBD flower is the actual material of the industrial hemp plant from which cannabidiol or CBD oil is extracted. In terms of appearing, it looks like a bud or a ball of seaweed that has been dried up and meshed together.

CBD flower does not go through any sort of extraction process. These buds are supposed to be rich in essential terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids that lay at the heart of any and all therapeutic implications it may carry.

Those who like to use CBD flower bud over CBD oil find the former to be more effective – possibly due to abundance of cannabinoids that together work to form more noticeable and longer-lasting effects.

Can You Get High from CBD Flower?

The thing that makes anything psychoactive coming from the hemp and cannabis family, in general, is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) – a compound that causes the high and mind-altering effects.

But, the guidelines clearly stay to grow hemp and sell only those hemp and cannabis products that carry no more than the legal limit of 0.3% THC. With such little traces of THC, it is impossible to get high from CBD flower or any other CBD/hemp product.

If you are buying a product that has gone through all legal channels and comes from a trusted source, you should not experience any mind-altering effects or ‘high’ as they like to say. That is why the source is the most important aspect.

IHF LLC Hemp Flower is one such product that goes through intensive testing and meets all legal guidelines.

How Can You Use CBD Flower?

The best way to use CBD flower bud is to smoke it. This is the way most people like to get its relaxation effects without the high. Many would roll it up in the form of a joint while others like to use their personal methods.

Inhalation/smoking works best for people who are trying to quit smoking, but others may find this method a little difficult. Since CBD flower is not evaluated and monitored by the FDA, it may not be sold as an alternative medicine to treat or prevent any disease.

CBD Flower Benefits

Although plenty of research has gone into studying the benefits of smoking CBD flower, most of the claims are anecdotal. Take a look at a few benefits of smoking CBD flower rather than other ways of ingesting it –

–  Provides Quick Action

According to the science nerds, inhalation is supposed to be the second quickest way of administering any substance directly into the system – following the method of ‘injecting’. It’s called ‘pulmonary administration’.

What happens is the moment you inhale something, millions of alveoli in your lungs start to transfer the active ingredients of that substance into your bloodstream. That is why smoking/vaping CBD flower is supposed to be the fastest way of getting CBD in your system.

–         May offer anti-inflammatory benefits

According to this science journal published online, CBD or cannabidiol could carry potential anti-inflammatory properties. It’s common knowledge that most of the diseases, including the chronic ones, are a result of continued inflammation.

in fact, it’s very much possible that inflammation is what causes autoimmune and basically every single other on earth. To that end, CBD with its possible anti-inflammatory nature could offer some relief.

–         Could Help With Cognitive Functioning

Not so long ago, the FDA approved CBD- based medicine, Epidiolex designed to treat epilepsy. This was a big achievement and a milestone in the CBD world seeing how it became the first mainstream medicine designed to treat a disease. To that end, CBD could help with cognitive functioning.

–         Could be a possible mood-enhancer

There is no dearth of studies published online that talk about CBD’s potential to reduce anxiety, fight stress, and to some degree ‘manage depression’. And, while these are big claims, there definitely seems to be some truth to CBD flower’s potential to act as a mood-enhancer and happy-making herb.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Flower – The Distinction

CBD flower is the unprocessed bud that is taken straight from hemp crop. It has not yet gone through any extraction method. CBD oil, on the other hand, goes through extensive extraction processes such as CO2 and ethanol extraction.

Some CBD products go through further distillation meant to ‘purify’ them. Many essential cannabinoids end-up stripping away during those processes. But, since CBD flower comes directly from the stalk of hemp – it remains pure till the time you consume it.

You can smoke, vape, and even cook foods with CBD flower. In contrast, CBD oil administration can happen in a dozen different ways. You can massage with it, put it in food, drop it on your tongue, etc.

Another point of distinction is that CBD oil and isolates ‘look more discreet’. They are generally easier to use/consume. In contrast, the way CBD flower looks can raise a few eyebrows if you smoke it in a crowd since it looks like cannabis.

Final Thoughts

CBD or cannabidiol definitely sounds like a promising herb. With proper education and controlled usage, it should definitely yield some spectrum of health benefits. However, it’s recommended to exercise caution when it comes to smoking CBD.


Written by: Jackson Stonewall

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