Guide to Decarboxylate Weed

Decarboxylation is a process that is synonymous with cannabis. It involves heating the cannabis to a high temperature of about (~250°F) for some time before it is used. Also, decarboxylation has to do with activating the cannabis in other to reach its potentials and be more medicinal. Also, when trying to make edibles from cannabis, decarboxylation is an important step.

By decarbing your cannabis, you convert the THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) that is present in the dried buds and trim them into THC. Like we know, the presence of THCA in makes the cannabis not psychoactive, but when decarboxylated it becomes psychoactive due to the presence of THC.

You might wonder how the decarboxylation process takes place when you are smoking cannabis. Well, the heat makes the decarboxylation process to occur and when you inhale the THC you experience the intoxicating effects.

Regardless of whether weed is fresh or dried, you cannot get high when you take it in unless it is heated. This is the major reason why people do not just consume dried cannabis bud.

Why Is Decarbing Important?

Apart from the intoxicating feeling that comes with taking cannabis that has already been decarboxylated, the process of decarboxylation gives you access to the full medical advantages of other cannabinoids, such as CBDs, CBNs, and CBGs.

Also, the process of decarboxylation is important because there would be no edibles without decarboxylation. This process actually “make your weed feel like a weed” when you consume it. You cannot get that intoxicating and psychoactive feeling from your cannabis without going through this process.

On the other hand, no matter how much cannabis you consume, so long it has not been decarboxylated, you won’t get any intoxicating feeling.

Knowing When to Decarb Weed

As stated earlier, in other to enjoy your cannabis to the fullest, you need to decarboxylate it. But it is also necessary that you know when to carry out this process of decarboxylation. You can decarb your weed:

  • When you want to make tinctures and edibles
  • When you are done making full-extract extractions at home
  • Before you add cannabis concentrates to edibles and drinks
  • Before making infused oils, drinks and foods.

One might not need to always decarb their weed in other to get that psychoactive effects, taking it raw still has its health benefits.

Decarbing process

The process of decarboxylation is not known by many and might seem to be had for some others. But knowing how to decarb weed is quite a simple process once you get things right. With some basic equipment, one can learn how to decarb weed.

When planning to decarb weed, there are different processes to follow and different opinions on which process is better. But all these processes centers around heating the weed for a long time.

It is very important to know that the different cannabinoids need quite different temperatures and heating period. But regardless of the cannabinoids, another general factor to be aware of is that heating at a temperature that is over 300 degrees F, will begin to depreciate the cannabinoids. Also, the terpenes that are the cause of the marijuana scents and flavors get destroyed too.

The only way to decarboxylate weed is by heating it, although older cannabis tends to get decarboxylated by itself.

 Why Do You Need to Decarb CBD Strains?

As described earlier, cannabis when in its acidic form (THCA) is not psychoactive and has no hyper effects on consumers. Even though this form might be also medicinal, in other to maximize the benefits of cannabis, decarboxylation is important.

Also, this decarboxylation rule that applies to THC applies to CBD. Cannabis, when not decarboxylated, contains an acidic form of CBD. Hence the need to heat the CBD strains in other to enjoy the therapeutic properties.

CBD-A, when consumed, can still get decarboxylated by the body, although this process might be quite ineffective. The body gets to metabolize and break the CBD-A components into CBD. By this process, the body cells get to work harder for results.

So, decarbing CBD strains are very essential and effective, especially when looking at making CBD oils or CBD gummies.

 Chart for decarbing different plant materials (kief, CBD, etc.)


Plant Material Time Kief / Hash Time Cannabis Oil Heating Mode Temperature
10 – 18 minutes 5 – 10 minutes Oven 310F
Until bubbles taper off Hot oil bath 250F
50 – 60 minutes 30 – 40 minutes Oven 240F
90 minutes 90 minutes Boiling water bath 212F

The major methods of how-to decarb your weed (main steps)

Here is how to decarb weed for those planning to do it themselves. The main process of weed decarboxylation is by baking it, and here are the materials and steps needed.


  • Oven
  • Aluminium foil
  • Baking pan
  • Weed


Step 1.

Set the oven to 235⁰F (120⁰C) AND Preheat the oven.

Step 2.

Place the aluminum foil on the baking pan and then spread the cannabis over it.

Step 3.

Bake the cannabis for up to 30 minutes, and if the cannabis is moist or still fresh, it would take more than 30 minutes.

Step 4.

Allow the baked cannabis cool and then use for any purpose.


Final thoughts

In summary, to get the best of cannabis needs the process of decarboxylation and this is something you can do by yourself.

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