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I’ve been hip to the CBD trend for about a year now, and have only learned more thanks to the Coffee Joint. I knew that it worked well for my body, but was excited to see how my pup would enjoy natural medicine. He’s an 8-month-old Australian Shepherd puppy, so I like to use it to treat his separation anxiety, as well as to help him calm down for the night. I’ve used another company’s tincture to treat him before, but I enjoy Extract Labs’ formula and was excited that they came out with a pet product of their own. Both their pet and human products can be found here at the Coffee Joint.

fetch tincture

First Impression

I thought the packaging was really clean, and it’s very obvious that it’s for pets. Because it’s for my pet though, I would prefer if the dosage information was in milligrams of CBD, not milliliters of liquid. It recommends starting with 0.5 to 1 milliliters but doesn’t specify how much CBD is present. I like to give my pup a designated 15 milligrams of CBD, so it’d be difficult for me to use this tincture if I wanted it dosed like that. I also noticed that my pup had a significant energy spike immediately after ingesting the tincture, which is not ideal for an Australian Shepherd puppy. It still had its calming effects but set in after about an hour.

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After Continued Use…

After noticing a consistent and significant energy spike once my pup ingested the tincture, I decided to give it to him during mealtime. I dropped one milliliter on two cups of his dry kibble, and was delighted; when ingested with a meal, he was calm in about half an hour. Once we had settled into a routine, I noticed that his energy spike wasn’t nearly as bad as when he first started ingesting it, and his separation anxiety was eased as well.

Final Thoughts

While I like Extract Labs a lot, I don’t think their Fetch tincture is right for my pup. Considering he’s already hyperactive, a tincture that has unsure dosing and an initial energy spike isn’t ideal for him. I would recommend this tincture for aging pups, that don’t necessarily need precise dosing and would benefit from some energy. You can find both a 250 and 500-milligram bottle for your furry companion here at the Coffee Joint.

~written by Melinda Gardner~

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