Dosage: Edibles for Beginners

When cannabis is ingested rather than inhaled it creates a much stronger effect. Even though smoking a joint or eating an edible can both introduce THC into your system, this doesn’t mean it’s processed the same way.

7 10mg THC square sections of Binkse edible bars stacked in a pile on a white background

The big difference is that the THC in edibles is metabolized by the liver, which turns into 11-hydroxy-THC, resulting in a much more intense high.

This explains the classic edible stories we’ve all heard or experienced: Eating too much and getting WAY too high. So when it comes to edibles and dosage, how much is too much?

The exact same dose can affect two bodies differently and the overall effect depends on each person’s body chemistry. A common golden rule we like to follow is this: Dose Low & Go Slow! This is especially important for beginners, starting with a low dose or even microdose level of THC is key to avoiding any unpleasant edible experiences. 

A common starting dose for someone new to edibles is anywhere from 1mg – 5mg’s of THC. Exact dosing is made easy with a large variety of available edibles like tinctures and gummies. Gradually increasing the dose will help you find a comfortable high.

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