Diary of a Stoner: Tastebudz

I love edibles. But I hate how you can’t really eat them constantly. Or maybe you can if you don’t gobble up so many at a time like I do. The first thing I did when I arrived in Denver back in 2015 was hit up a dispensary. I bought 200mg of edibles and toured the History Colorado Museum. My tolerance was very low moving out here and so it was one hell of a great experience and got me off on the right foot in Colorado.

But regularly eating edibles can also get expensive – especially when trying to maintain a medicated state. So, for me, edibles are a once or twice a month indulgence in which I partake large quantities of 100mg or more.

People often say that the edible high is different from the smoked flower high, and they’re correct, although the basic mechanics are the same. The edible high is more intense, headier, and lasts much longer than a smoked high. What I like about the edible effect is how it enhances the thinking process. It will guide you down much more introspective paths of contemplation.

A good affordable brand of gummies is Tastebudz and they’re what I’m plugging in this blog – but, for good reason. You can choose either Sativa or Indica from a variety of flavors. Having tried most of them, I can highly recommend Tropical Punch, with Watermelon and Strawberry Kiwi in a close second and third.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like an overbearing marijuana taste intruding on the flavor, Tastebudz is a good choice. While a hint of marijuana is still there, it’s tame enough for even a novice to handle and the fruitiness of the candy can shine through, especially with the Tropical Punch.

1136 Yuma sell Tastebudz for $20 each 100mg bottle. Tastebudz will be here on the 28th of March for a pop-up with great deals! Try some out today!

Kenneth Dinkins is a Social Consumption Specialist at the Coffee Joint and a great guy to get high with!

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