Diary of a Stoner: Sour Amnesia Crumble Or “The Super Bowl is Not Part of a Bong”

I am not a sports fan. When they told me that there’d be a “Super Bowl” party at the Coffee Joint, the first legal establishment to allow public consumption of Cannabis, I naturally got the wrong idea. I imagined a giant glass pipe, its bowl taking up nearly half the room and packed to the brim with pounds of sweet-smelling bud. And there I would be, invited to take the biggest hit of my life out of this “Super Bowl”. What a party! But, sadly, I was disappointed…

Evidentially, there is a game in America called Football, not to be confused with the sport the rest of the world calls Football, which American’s call Soccer. In the American game of Football, the feet are used by the players little more than any other game. They occasionally kick there little weirdly shaped ball, but when they do, they earn fewer points than if they’d just ran with it. Major games are referred to as “bowls”, not to be confused with another game where you chuck a big heavy ball rolling at a bunch of pins. The biggest Football game annually is the “Super Bowl”. None of these games have anything to do with any sort of convention bowl. One might imagine the sort of person who came up with this Frankenstein of a sport, but, by Jove, it is a popular one.

So, it was, I found myself watching the broadcast of such an event at the Coffee Joint, surrounded by stoners, pothead, tokers, friends – good people. I had picked up a gram of Sour Amnesia Crumble at the 1136 Yuma Dispensary. Doctor Robert was off for the day, so I saw Dino instead. Now, they call him Dino because his beastly knowledge of bud is like a massive Cannabisaurus, devouring marijuana ignorance. I wanted a break from Indicas, “active” or otherwise, so he pointed me to an old familiar friend, the Sativa strain, Sour Amnesia. I’ve had this strain before in flower form, but as always, the concentrate form is far superior in flavor, strength, and effect. In my opinion, vaporizing concentrate is a far more pleasant and healthier experience than combusting plant matter, though drawing any kind of smoke and vapor into your lungs will never be the healthiest choice. For that, edibles will always be your friend.

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The Sour Amnesia Crumble is gooey as heck, not crumbly! That’s all it really is, a little glop of goo. In the atomizer, once heated, it tends to drip and leak out of the bowl. Some cleaver scrapping with a dab tool will save it from waste, but it is a bit of a hassle and the oil tends to clog up the unit. In the $14 “Famous” rig, the standard and most commonly used rig sold at the Coffee Joint, this was not an issue, suggesting that the Sour Amnesia Crumble is best used in this or a similar method – although it’s still very enjoyable in the atomizer.

I wrote a little about naming conventions last time so one might guess where this strain got its name. When I told my mother I’d be reviewing Sour Amnesia, she asked if it made me forget everything? While it might not be a mind eraser, it is a very, very heady high. You feel it right between the eyes, like a fuzzy little ball crammed right into your frontal lobe. This is not necessarily going to be the thinking person’s strain of choice. This is more of a strain for turning your mind off after a long day at the office thinking about too many details.

As the love child of Sour Diesel and Amnesia, this Sativa will give you an uplifted feeling of euphoria. Keeping out the details helps this strain to bring clarity to your creative wavelengths. Not so much an introverted strain, it did put me into a quieter, observative mood. I spent a lot of time contemplatively watching people. It has a pungent earthy flavor, with a hint of sour inherited from its parents. While a pleasant taste, it didn’t really jump out at me as anything special or unique.

All in all, the Super Bowl party at the Coffee Joint was an enjoyable event with a decent turnout. If you haven’t attended one of the Coffee Joints events, then I highly recommend it. Check out the website calendar to find one that suits your taste, then give it a try.

And if you ever find that real “super bowl”, let me have a hit…

Kenneth Dinkins is a professional stoner, a Social Consumption Specialist for the Coffee Joint, and always high as f**k.

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