Diary of a Stoner : Winter Concentrate Reflections

I woke to the first faint light of wintery dawn as it bled dully through my bedroom curtains. Life hits hard and fast, so I reached for my North Shore Maui wax. I swear by the wake and bake. Nothing feels much better than being covered by the warm blanket of a morning high – the way it soothingly creeps over you.

The North Shore Maui Wax has a crumbly, powdery, almost keef-like texture. Normally, I would not abide. I prefer my wax gooier. This looks like the kind of stuff you throw back in your budtender’s face just mere moments before being forever banned from the establishment. But, no. To my surprise, the North Shore Maui scoops very nicely out of the container and into my atomizer bowl. Not bad. Attaching the atomizer to The Clear battery, I begin vaping at a low heat.

The North Shore Maui Wax has a nice, sharp, pungent, almost evergreen-like flavor. There’s a slight undertone of sweetness near the end of the taste experience. It hits smooth with very little coughing and the high is very heady. It creeps up on you with a knife between its teeth like some weed Rambo who just wanted to pass peacefully through town, but you had to go and light things up (didn’t you?). Now, at 77.56% THC, this stealthy hybrid is taking things to a nice intensity. But, be careful, it has a sleeper hold that will make you drowsy, so it’s best to stay active if that’s not what you’re looking for.

Having arrived at a nice level, I put on my Bluetooth headphones, loaded up Spotify, and kicked back to The Congos: Heart of the Congos. This mellow rhythmic Reggae record from 1977 made #33 on the Rolling Stone Top 40 Stoner Albums list and the heady high of the North Shore Maui Wax compliments it well. There are a variety of interesting repetitive soundscapes that will help put you into that relaxed trance-like state that cannabis can evoke. And the melodies and lyrics have a traditional Caribbean sound that might help warm up your imagination on a particularly cold January day.

As I hit the atomizer, I exhale into a Smoke Buddy to minimize any smell and not disturb my roommates. A Smoke Buddy is a professional sploof, a device used to conceal the smell of smoke and vapor. I couldn’t recommend the Smoke Buddy more. I haven’t received a complaint about marijuana smell since I started using one.

Both the Clear Battery and the Smoke Buddy, Jr. are available for purchase at the Coffee Joint. Come visit me today!

— Kenneth Dinkins



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