Diary of a Stoner: Famous Potheads From History


annabis has been around a long time. Since at least the beginning of written history, probably before. In fact, it was one of the very first plants to be cultivated by humans. And so, as one might expect, there is a long list of cannabis users throughout history, some that may come as a surprise.



When someone thinks into the human condition into such depths as Shakespeare, you should be suspicious of a private marijuana habit.  During exploration and research into Shakespeare’s home at Stratfor-Upon-Avon, Academics discovered clay pipes containing cannabis. This suggests that the Bard may well have been toking it up when he wrote such classics as Hamlet, King Lear, and Richard III (though one might still wonder what he was smoking when he wrote Titus Andronicus). Could the mention of a “noted weed” and “journey in my head” in Shakespeare’s sonnets be a reference to the marijuana in Shakespeare’s pipe?




Was Queen Victoria actually, in fact, Her Royal Majesty of Ganja? During the reign of Queen Victoria, blood flowed in more ways than one in the British Empire. For those monthly occasions, the Queen’s private physician, Sir J. Russell Reynolds, prescribed her Majesty Cannabis. It may well be that Queen Victoria spent the whole of the Great Exhibition of 1851 stoned, though hopefully, the Crystal Palace was not a euphemism for the Queen’s other interest.






The 5th President of the United States was the 420 President. A President ahead of his time, Monroe was first introduced to Marijuana while serving as Ambassador to France. Say what you will about the French, they have always known how to party. According to the author of The Great Book of Hemp, Rowan Robinson, Monroe’s love affair with combusting Mary Jane continued until the ripe old age of 73. God Bless America!





It may come as a surprise to many, but the internationally beloved and celebrated musician, composer, and songwriter, Sir Paul McCartney, is a pothead. Back when Sir Paul was in a little known band called the Beatles, they met a pot-smoking hobo named Bob Dylan who introduced them to “herbal jazz cigarettes” (as McCartney calls them). Famous stories of McCartney and pot abound, like when he was busted in Japan, or the time he drove around questionable London neighborhoods in his limo asking to buy pot. In recent years McCartney claims to have given up marijuana, but I call BS. After all, this is the man who wrote THE love song to weed:



Kenneth Dinkins is a Social Consumption Specialist at the Coffee Joint and the most historically significant pothead of all…

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