Diary Of A Stoner: Eating Marijuana Syringes

Remember a month or so ago when I told you right here in this blog, “Don’t Drink the Bong Water!”? I know a lot of you were disappointed. The bong water has always looked appealing, and there was nothing more you’d have rather done than take a big enormous gulp. But then I came along and ruined that party for you. So now I’m back to make up for it. Here’s something weird and unusual that you can eat and it will get you really really high (and it’s not a month old ham sandwich).

The law sets a 100mg cap on recreational edibles. If you’re a medical patient, you have much better options. Robhots makes single dose 100mg and 1000mg gummies. Now that sounds like a good time even without a month old ham sandwich!

So, what is an affordable way to get a really good edible high without spending $200 on a 1000mg of gummies? THC Oil syringe. You know the little 500-1000mg syringes you use to refill your vape cart? They contain THC that has already been activated. That means, if you squirt 500-1000mg in your mouth and swallow it, you get a 500-1000mg high.

This is a really great and affordable way to consume. Syringes generally run around $35 for a 1000mg. You, of course, don’t even have to eat the entire syringe and can portion it out in whatever levels you like.


Kenneth Dinkins is a Social Consumption specialist with the Coffee Joint and is probably mad as a hatter.

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