Diary of a Stoner: Don’t Drink the Bong Water!


e’ve all discussed it at one point or another. Generally, it’s while you’re sitting there, newly stoned, in a trance-like state studying the bong that just got you that way. It’s at that point you ask the group, “Do you think you’d get high if you drank that bong water?” 

At that point, the more intellectual member of the group will consider this. The logic that the THC infused smoke is passing through the water makes it seem logical that the water will now be infused with THC.

“Probably,” she answers, “But it’d be disgusting.”

Then, inevitably, there is that one stupid stoner, the one who obviously already had a few brain cells missing before they began consuming anything, that volunteers to drink the bong water.

So, you think to yourself, well she may be stupid, but at least she’ll be high as s**t, right? Wrong. She’s just stupid.

You see, THC is not water soluble, so the amount of THC in the water is negligible. In fact, it’s solubility in water is two micrograms per milliliter of water. You would need 5,000 micrograms to equal just 5mg of THC, meaning you’d have to drink 2.5 liters of bong water just to equal that. That’s more than a 2-liter bottle of soda! That would be 5 liters of nasty gross yellow bong water just to equal 10mg, probably won’t make you high, and will get you very very sick.

Never, never drink the bong water.



Kenneth Dinkins is a Victorian Adventurer & Explorer, a professional stoner, a Social Consumption Specialist at the Coffee Joint, the Host of the Coffee Joint Podcast, a bonafide idiot savant, a gentleman & a scholar, and quite possibly the greatest lover who ever lived… 

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