Diary of a Stoner: Dab Straws – Pros and Cons

Dabbing concentrates is a great way to get high. It allows you to consume a large amount of THC at once, and enjoy the varied terpene profiles of different strains. There are a number of methods by which to dab. Today I’ll be looking at the pros and cons of dab straws and nectar collectors.

A dab straw is typically a long glass cylinder that is bulbous on one end. The bulbous end will come to a tip with a hole in it. The tip is heated up with a torch until it glows. It is then it is allowed to cool down a moment, before it is touched to the concentrate, and inhaled into the lungs.

A really full hit can really hit very hard, making you gag, and maybe even feel a little cross-eyed. But the quick, heavy high you’ll get from it will make it worth it.

While a pro of the dab straw is that it can be more convenient than a nectar collector, and the glass can certainly heat up quicker than titanium, the dab straw is still made of glass. While some, like the one I show in the picture, have an indent on the side of the bulbous end to make rolling harder, they still can so it. I have had one roll off a flat surface and shatter.

Another disadvantage of the dab straw is that hot oil tend to stick to the end and drip off onto your floor, pants, table – whatever. As I type this my jeans are covered in little splotches of marijuana oil.

However, I still find the dab straw to be both convenient and effective after reviewing all the pros and cons, it only makes sense.


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