Diary of a Stoner: Blueberry Burst Wax/Shatter

I’m not the biggest fan of indicas. While I do enjoy their effects, I like to be an active pothead, and indica strains have a reputation for “couch lock”. You know the feeling, that full body buzzing sensation accompanied by extreme relaxation that usually leads to numerous, extended “weed naps”? Sativa, though a physically less attractive flower, is the cannabis species of choice for the “on-the-go” toker. This is me. I want that creative blossom, the distortion of time, and the euphoric mental relaxation without six 2-hour long naps a day.

I stopped by 1136 Yuma dispensary earlier this week looking for a good gram of wax/shatter with a high THC level, but still at an affordable price. Robert checked my ID and led me in, engaging in friendly chat to ascertain what exactly I was looking for. He pulled out a display of concentrate varieties from below the counter. I scanned them with eagle eyes, taking note of each one’s THC level. He pointed me to a nice sativa, but my eye had already spied the “Blueberry Burst”, clocking in at 80% THC and $15 a gram. He must have noticed my disappointment when he told me it was an indica strain because he instantly went on to explain that it is a very different sort of Indica. While you still have the indica-like body effects, this particular strain would not give you “couch lock”.

“So, it’s like an active indica?” I inquired, my curiosity peaked. He acknowledged it was. I was sold and purchased both a gram of Blueberry Burst shatter and wax.

I headed next door the Coffee Joint to try them out. After signing the release, I headed into the conference room to watch TV and socialize with other guests. The smell from the wax was the most potent and vindicated the Blueberry name with its rich, fruity aroma.

I first tried them in my atomizer, powered by a battery from The Clear. While the wax loaded better into the atomizer (the chucks of shatter had the tendency to fall out into the globe), the shatter, I felt, gave a stronger, thicker hit. The flavor was just like the smell, very strong, and very blueberry-like with a pleasant cannabis under-taste. I felt the flavor was more prominent with the shatter, but in all honesty, they were about equal.

Next, I tried them in the Coffee Joint’s standard $14 “Famous” rig with an e-nail set at 675 degrees. This is most frequently used rig and form of consumption at the Coffee Joint. With the e-nail, the wax reigned supreme, giving much fuller, more flavorful hits. It was easier to manipulate the wax to the e-nail with my dab tool and it vaporized much smoother and slower. I had great difficulty spooning the shatter into the e-nail, and once dropped into it, the shatter would pretty much vaporize instantly, meaning I had to be quick to draw a hit. It also took chunks larger than I’d like to produce a strong full hit.

The high of the Blueberry Burst is very nice. It gave me a relaxed upper-body buzz with a cloudy, but not debilitating, heady-effect. Euphoria was the most noticeable sensation beyond the body high, and there was no sleepiness. Most of my time at the Coffee Joint was spent enjoyably socializing with other patrons. No couch-lock or introverted mood. In fact, I went out with friends after leaving the Coffee Joint, energy levels still going strong. The only negative thing I’d say about the Blueberry Burst is that it’s a bit scratchy in the lungs and may have you coughing a little more than usual.

Blueberry Burst Wax/Shatter is available at 1136 Yuma Dispensary for $15 a gram. The Clear battery ($20) and $14 “Famous” rig can both be purchased next door at the Coffee Joint.

Kenneth Dinkins is a professional stoner and works as Social Consumption Specialist at the Coffee Joint.

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