CBD For Tattoo Aftercare

According to a recent study, an estimated 4 in 10 American adults have at least one tattoo. I have a few myself and recently got my hand tattooed. I like them and the weird rush of satisfaction I feel when the needle touches my skin – but I don’t love how raw the freshly inked area feels afterward. And it makes sense; a needle consistently in your skin like that causes a second-degree skin abrasion. So what are you supposed to use afterward? I had my Dial Gold soap for the antibacterial wash, and coconut oil was good for hydrating it, but my hand was literally raw. I absolutely needed something for the discomfort. So I turned to CBD. Hemp is a power plant partly because it hyper-targets inflammation and relieves pain, and on top of that, is also incredibly moisturizing. It was a no-brainer that my aftercare was now going to include CBD.

el body cream

First, I tried the body cream from Extract Labs. I really liked the salve texture of this one, and how easy it was to spread over the affected area. However, I didn’t like the powerful scent it had; if I was using it for pain relief, it would be something that I would appreciate, but I wasn’t sure if all of those essential oils would be helping or harming my new abrasion. So, I tried the Fast Releaf lotion from Nature’s Love next, and it’s the one I ultimately settled on.

natures love lotion

It was a straight up lotion, so a little went a long way, and it had very little scent. It moisturized my hand beautifully and reduced the redness and inflammation ten-fold. And after having this fresh ink for a week, I would absolutely say it’s healed faster than the other tattoos I’ve gotten that didn’t receive CBD aftercare. So, if you have just gotten a piece done or are looking to, and want great aftercare, stop by and check out our CBD products here at The Coffee Joint! And if you’re already on that CBD game for your tattoo aftercare, let me know what products you have used!


~written by Melinda Gardner~

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